5 Effective Ways to Find Address By Phone Number

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Updated: September, 20, 2023

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When searching for businesses and stores, a quick Google search can find the address, but it does not always apply to someone’s home address. Locating a person’s address without their name and personal details is challenging. 

The good news is that you can find someone’s address by phone number. While this may seem tricky, you can uncover this information in several ways.

This article will delve into methods you can utilize to find someone’s address using only a phone number.

Key Takeaways:

Finding someone’s address can be done in five different methods. These include searching in Google, reverse phone lookups, directories, social media, and direct calls.
Subscribing to a reverse phone lookup service provides access to a comprehensive report on a person.
You can use a phone directory to locate someone’s address. It has over 200 million contacts, making it one of the largest databases.
Social media like Facebook and Linkedin can use geolocation tags that may provide the exact address of your location. However, you can only access information that’s shared publicly.
The most straightforward method is calling someone’s number and asking for their address. This helps verify the user and their location easily.

How To Find Address Using Phone Number

Finding someone’s address with only their number is challenging and involves many different ways. You can track an individual’s address using several resources, such as Google, reverse phone lookup tools, directories, and social media.

Warning: Using a phone number to look up an address should be done for good and honest reasons. It’s important to consider legal limits and privacy, as some methods may require an End-user license agreement.

Learn the different methods of finding addresses using phone numbers in the following details.

Method 1: Search Phone Number on Google to Find the Address

Google handles 32.8 million daily searches, approximately 14 billion per year.  But, these searches don’t always yield accurate information when it comes to finding someone. However, it’s still worth giving it a try.

To find the address by phone number for free, enter it into Google’s search bar. If the person uses the number for business or displays it on an online profile, Google will likely find it.

Searching phone number on Google

If your first search hits too many irrelevant web pages, try the techniques below to narrow down the results:

  1. Put quote marks around the phone number so that Google can give results for that exact number and filter out vague results.
Searching phone number with quote marks on Google
  1. If you know the name of the phone number owner or the city they live in, combining that piece of information when searching also helps.
Searching phone number with name on Google
  1. If you have a photo of the person, try Google Reverse Image Search to find their social media page. This method might score their approximate location.
Using image reverse image search on Google
Did you know?
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For better and more accurate results than Google, try using a reverse phone lookup tool. Read on and know all the details.

Method 2: Find Someone’s Address With A Reverse Phone Lookup Tool

Reverse Phone Lookup is a powerful tool that allows you to gather information about the owner of a specific phone number. It scans various databases and public records to compile a comprehensive report based on the provided phone number. 

The reverse phone lookup tool is helpful in many ways and allows you to do the following:

  • reveal the name and address associated with the phone number
  • identify spam alerts
  • determine fraudulent users and scammers

In the next section, you’ll learn how to use the best phone lookup services to find someone’s address using their phone number.

TruthFinder – Ultimate All-Around Reverse Phone Lookup Service

TruthFinder offers a comprehensive online report that provides detailed information about the owner’s background, including their address.

FeaturesUnlimited phone reportsOffers a background checkDark web scans availableStrong security measures ensure the safety of passwords Provides complete anonymity User-friendly Easily accessed through social media
Free TrialNot Available
Pricing$4.99-$29.73 monthly

Here’s how you can find someone’s address using TruthFinder.

  1. Go to TruthFinder and log in to your account.
Launching TruthFinder
  1. Navigate the search bar and enter the phone number. Make sure to include the area code.
  2. Click the SEARCH button.
Entering phone number on TruthFinder
  1. Wait for a few minutes, and the information will be displayed on the screen. Truthfinder might show the owner’s address, name, social profile, and more.
Sample search report on TruthFinder

Image source: Truthfinder

Spokeo – Top Affordable Phone Lookup Website

Spokeo is a helpful lookup tool that organizes public records, white page listings, and social media information into simple profiles to help you learn more about people. It’s straightforward, affordable, and offers comprehensive reports within seconds.

FeaturesUncover caller identity and location.Lookup pics and social media profilesSearch confidentially and instantly.Time-Saving and Hassle-FreeQuick and EfficientAdvanced Filtering and Updates
Free Trial7 days
Pricing$19.95 monthly$14.95 3-month membership

Here’s how to find someone’s address by phone number using Spokeo.

1. Go to Spokeo, enter the phone number you want to look for in the search field, and click Search Now.

Entering phone number on Spokeo.

2. If Spokeo finds any information using the phone number, it will compile them all in one report.

Details provided by Spokeo

Image source: supereasy

Intelius – Top Choice for User-Friendliness

Intelius is a well-known source of reliable and up-to-date data that uses advanced software and data science to create a searchable database. It gathers data from multiple sources, like government documents, social media sites, and online databases.

FeaturesCan determine owner details, history, and social media accounts.Offers extensive database record It provides a user-friendly UI that is straightforward.Proven security with a 256-bit encrypted application.
Free Trial6 days
Pricing$34.95 monthly

Learn how to use Intelius to find someone’s address using the following steps.

  1. Launch the Intelius website and choose the Reverse Phone Lookup option.
  2. Type the number in the search box and click SEARCH NOW.
Reverse Phone number lookup on Intelius

3. This will take you to a verification page. To continue, verify your name and email address.

Confirming details on Intelius

Image source: wikionerep

  1. Click Continue and allow Intelius to process the number for information.
  2. You can check the person’s possible address in the Location section of the report.
Location sample report on Intelius

Image source: supereasy

Read on and learn how to find someone’s location using Phone directories, which hold the largest database in the US.

Method 3:  Use Online Phone Directories to Locate Someone’s Address by Their Phone Number

A telephone directory helps track someone, including their phone number, home, and business address. 

There are many sites you can use, but the most famous phone directory in the US is Whitepages, with over 50 million monthly users. It has the most extensive database, which houses about 200 million contact information of US residents. 

FeaturesOnline directory servicesFraud screeningBackground checksIdentity verification for consumers and businesses. 
Free Trial7 days
Pricing$3.99- $19.99 monthly

To find the address using Whitepages, here are the necessary steps.

  1. Go to the Whitepages website and click the Reverse Phone tab above the search bar.
  2. Type the phone number and the area code.
  3. Select the Search button.
Launching Whitepages website
  1. Locate the fine print to access the address associated with that phone number.
the results taken on Whitepages website

Image source: alphr

📝Note: You can access the owner’s name, address, associated businesses, or related addresses using the landline number. However, to access a cell phone number’s information, you must subscribe to Whitepages Premium.

Use the details below to learn how to leverage social media platforms when looking for someone’s address with a phone number.

Method 4: Look For Someone’s Address With A Phone Number On Social Networks

Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can help find someone’s address. Geolocation tags may provide a person’s exact location, allowing anyone who can view their profile to pinpoint their home address.

Some people sync essential information on Facebook and LinkedIn, including their location and address. You can use the phone number in the search bar and visit their profile to find their address.

📝Note: You can only find an address if it’s shared publicly on a social media profile. Also, private information is only accessible if you are directly connected to the person.

Find out how to determine someone’s location using their contact number on social media platforms below.


With  2,936 million monthly active users, locating someone on Facebook can be challenging. The good news is that you can find someone’s address and reconnect with long-lost friends or acquaintances with Facebook’s phone number search. 

You can confirm their address by matching their phone number to a Facebook profile. Here’s how to search for an address on Facebook using a contact number.

  1. Launch the Facebook app.
  2. Type in the number on the search box.
  3. Customize the search bar settings and enable location.
Searching for an address on Facebook


LinkedIn is a professional networking platform with 830 million users. User profiles on this social media network often contain contact information. So, you can simply use the search bar when locating someone’s address.

To find someone using LinkedIn, here are the necessary steps you can take: 

  1. Go to Linked In and log in to your account.
  2. Head to the search bar and type the number.
  3. Click to see all the results
Searching for an address on Facebook
  1. Find the person you are looking for, and click their name.  Head over to their profile to look for their address.

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Social media helps locate someone, but if that method doesn’t work, you can just call the number directly. Here’s why you should do that.

Method 5: Call the Number and Ask for the Address.

Calling someone and asking for their address is the simplest and safest option compared to the other methods mentioned. 

Dial the number and ask the person for their address. This request isn’t daunting since addresses are often handed out for business or personal reasons.

Calling someone directly

Image source: Credit

You can also consider contacting shared friends or social media connections. Reach out to those who may be related to the person, such as those on Facebook, to collect more information.

Final Thoughts

Finding the address of a person using only their phone number can be accomplished in five methods. These include using  Google, Reverse Phone Lookup Tool, phone directories, and social media. The last method is the easiest since it involves talking to the person you’re trying to locate.

Some methods are free and readily available, while others require a monthly subscription. When you choose one, note that home addresses are considered private. Always remain respectful when seeking personal information.


Is it legal to track someone’s location with GPS devices?

Yes, if you are not part of a law enforcement agency, tracking someone’s exact location without their consent is illegal, especially using GPS devices.

Should I pay for detailed background check results?

Yes, availing of lookup services is worth it. Millions of people have been able to access the data they need using these tools. Lookup services also give you various benefits, such as authenticity and verified information, putting your money to good use.

How accurate are the results of reverse phone lookup tools?

Most reverse phone lookup services can provide accurate and up-to-date results by searching sophisticated databases for public records.