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We figure that giving you a short guide, a FAQ section, and a bunch of reviews isn’t exactly fair. You might have more questions, you may need more information on something, or you want to make a suggestion, so we created a quick response team who will answer all your inquiries promptly.

We also like taking suggestions from our visitors, especially service and software provider firms themselves. If you’ve got a service or software agency and you’d like it listed, we’ll take a look at what you’re all about and write an honest review on it. It’s a great way to get some exposure for yourself!

In addition to reviewing your firm or software, we also advertise it. If you’d like to have your firm or software certified and advertised, we’ll make sure word of our online exploits reaches the ears of potential clients.

Finally, if you’re a client looking for a firm or software but can’t choose, don’t be afraid to ask us for help—we’ll pull out all the stops and point you to the best firms that will understand your area of expertise and what you’re trying to achieve.

When We Can’t Be of Service

Unfortunately, our experts aren’t omniscient or omnipotent, so they might not be able to answer every inquiry. For one, we cannot help you with problems that occur during your involvement with any firm or software listed on our website. We do not govern how they shape their business model or how they run their companies.

We also do not accept unsolicited advertisements, especially those not pertaining to the subject matter. We review service and software companies, and we strictly stick to this subject.

Finally, we do not provide these services or software solutions ourselves. Our primary and only goal is to bring such experts to you.