Privacy Policy

What Information Is Collected

The Website collects personal information from visitors not extending past the visitor’s name and email address. The Website does not collect such information unless the visitor expresses their consent and provides such information.

Among the information obtained from visitors, we collect your IP address. This information is solely used as a means to govern the use of cookies on our Website.

The Website also collects data pertaining to Website visits. Such information is solely used for statistical analysis and is for internal use by the Website only. Under no circumstances shall such data contain any personal information.

How We Use the Information

All visitors must be made aware that we collect certain information. The Website may not issue and send promotional emails and materials to visitors unless they have requested these themselves and subscribed to the service. Cookies and personal information collected by us are used solely for the purpose of improving user experience and for resolving any complaints and issues visitors might have with the Website.

Who Do We Share the Information With?

The Website does not, and will not, under penalty of law, share, sell, or distribute any data or information collected. The Website is permitted to share the collected information or data only under these circumstances:

  • If the government or a relevant government body requests said information;
  • If the Website needs to protect its own rights and property;
  • If there are indications of fraudulent uses of the Website on the part of visitors that the government or a relevant government body should be made aware of.


The Website assures its visitors that the data and information collected are safely stored and well protected. The Website employs strong encryptions that protect said data from any attempts of cyber theft, as stipulated by US law.

External Links

The Website features external links. External links are to be used at one’s own discretion, as the Website does not control the content or the business practices of the companies the links point to. As such, the Website is not liable for any damages that arise from the usage of such links, as expressed in the Terms of Use.

Cookie Policy

“Cookies” are small pieces of information that a website uses to personalize the user’s feed on the Website. Cookies cannot, and will not, run programs or malware of any kind. Cookies are used solely for the purpose of improving your user experience. However, any user has the express right to disable any cookies, despite it having a negative impact on their user experience.

Disabling Cookies

Cookies can be disabled in your browser. Here are the links explaining how cookies are disabled on each of the most prominent web browsers.

Changes to Policy

The Website reserves the right to change any and all Policies here stated in order to reflect changes in business models or changes in US law. In that case, we will duly notify visitors of the changes by posting the information about the changes on the Website.

By using our site, you agree to any of the site’s Policies. Should you disagree with any Policies, we advise you to stop using our services.