The Best Video Production Companies

Written by: Branka

Updated: February, 18, 2024

Video marketing is the way of the future, with 87% of all marketing professionals using video as a marketing tool. So, if you are considering tapping into the wonderful world of video content to boost your marketing efforts, you will want to reach out to one of the best in the industry. Scroll down for our list of outstanding video production companies, and learn what to you need to consider before hiring one.

We Make Videos That Accomplish our Clients’ Goals

Established in 2009, Sparkhouse is a full-service Los Angeles video production powerhouse. It fuses exceptional filmmaking expertise with an in-depth understanding of the digital world. Its videos are made to support business and marketing goals. The outfit prides itself on bold storytelling, innovative ideas, and high production value.


  • Started : 2009
  • Number Of Employees :10 – 49
  • Location : Lake Forest, United States
Early Light Media
Early Light Media

Capture The Human Experience

Early Light Media is a group of renowned directors and strategists who can make your most ambitious video ideas come to life. These experts and creatives develop bold ads, authentic brand films, and impactful social campaigns.


  • Started : 2012
  • Number Of Employees :2 – 9
  • Location : Baltimore, United States
Spin Creative
Brand in Motion

Spin Creative comprises marketers, creatives, brand experts, and designers that produce impactful video and creative strategies. With a focus on branding, design, video storytelling, and social media, it aims to engage and inspire through video.


  • Started : 2009
  • Number Of Employees :2 – 9
  • Location : Seattle, United States
Slow Clap Productions
Tell Your Brand’s Authentic Story

Slow Clap Productions believes in authentic storytelling through compelling videos, campaigns, and outreach programs. The company is dedicated to creating entertaining and meaningful content that inspires people to engage and act.


  • Started : 2014
  • Number Of Employees :2 – 9
  • Location : San Francisco, United States
Flow Production & Post
High-End TV Commercial & Video Production

Flow is a company for video productions and TV commercials based in New York City and Philadelphia. The firm was founded by the top film-making talents in the industry including editors, colorists, composers, motion graphics artists, and more experts in the field.


  • Started : 1998
  • Number Of Employees : 10 – 49
  • Location : New York, United States
Top Notch Cinema Logo
Top Notch Cinema
New York’s Award-Winning Video Production Company

Top Notch Cinema helps brands evolve and expand with a wide range of New York City video production services. The company prides itself on creating videos that drive brand awareness and attract new customers. With a highly-experienced in-house crew, ability to create winning concepts, and adapt to any preferred style, Top Notch Cinema is one of the best video production companies NYC hosts.


  • Started : 2014
  • Number Of Employees : 10 – 49
  • Location : United States
Rip Media Group
Video Marketing for Companies That Need Quality

Rip Media Group comprises award-winning storytellers that excel in everything from 3D motion graphics, 2D animation, and character animation to whiteboard animation, live-action video, and hybrid content. The team is focused on creating content that helps businesses grow, making it one of the top explainer video companies in Los Angeles.


  • Started : 2007
  • Number Of Employees :2 – 9
  • Location : Los Angeles, United States
Production M
Stories for Every Screen

Production M has been in the business for over 14 years. It has the ability not only to tell compelling stories but create video content that is impactful, entertaining, and long-lasting. Clients praise it for its on time and within budget execution.


  • Started : 2018
  • Number Of Employees :2 – 9
  • Location : Los Angeles, United States
Captivate. Engage. Drive sales.

Since 2010 Umault has been creating “video campaigns that make complex ideas simple and sexy.” This vibrant team is all about connecting brands with their audiences and keeping the viewers entertained. It’s work revolves around telling meaningful stories that people can relate to.


  • Started : 2010
  • Number Of Employees :2 – 9
  • Location : Chicago, United States
DCV – Digital Creative Visionaries
Producing Video Driven Marketing Campaigns That Work

DCV is a Washington DC-based video production agency that dedicates its time to creating high-quality videos for mid-sized brands. Working at the intersection of strategy and creative, it helps businesses accelerate their marketing efforts for the best results.


  • Started : 2014
  • Number Of Employees :2 – 9
  • Location : Washington, United States
Spiracle Media
We’re Built to Tell Stories

Spiracle Media is a team of former journalists dedicated to making beautiful, impactful stories that bring brands and audiences together. The agency creates enjoyable, honest, and collaborative relationships with its clients that lead to purposeful video storytelling.


  • Started : 2011
  • Number Of Employees :10 – 49
  • Location : Charlotte, United States
24Frames, Inc
Building Stories from Concept to Completion

24Frames, Inc boasts 18+ years of experience working with some of the most well-known and purposeful brands in the world. It takes on complex shooting conditions and projects with confidence, striving to exceed the expectations of every client.


  • Started : 2014
  • Number Of Employees :10 – 49
  • Location : Collinsville, United States
Creative Video Storytelling

BLARE Media is among the top affordable San Francisco video production companies, making high-quality video services accessible to local and regional clients since 2005. It allows even mom and pop shops to take full advantage of premium video content for a fraction of the price. The agency has streamlined its process to perfection by using state-of-the-art technology.


  • Started : 2005
  • Number Of Employees :10 – 49
  • Location : Fresno, United States
Wienot Films
Explainer Videos – Simplicity, Clarity, and Fun

Wienot Films is an award-winning animation company that creates engaging and impactful video content through bold, creative, and authentic storytelling. It offers a full range of video production services, from teaser videos to whiteboard and explainer videos to live-action films.


  • Started : 2011
  • Number Of Employees :10 – 49
  • Location : Austin, United States

Qualities to Look for in a Video Production Company

Whether it’s a fun, visually-rich video marketing your business, or a dialogue-heavy explainer video, a strong video production team will be able to provide you with the right advice, tools, resources, and expertise to help convey your message in the most effective way.

We understand how difficult shopping around for production companies can be, so we’ve done a bit of research ourselves. We’ve tapped into our knowledge of the industry and put together a list of what you should look out for when choosing a video production partner.

A Professional Portfolio Is Key

Before you even start inquiring with different agencies, you need to know what type of work the company has produced in the past. Take a good look at their portfolio, which should be readily available on the company website. Keep in mind though that bigger is not always better as some small production companies can produce some stellar work without necessarily boasting big-name clients. Don’t discount new, up-and-coming agencies with a smaller team; chances are they are keen on showing off their chops, while a smaller staff complement means you will get more personal service compared to bigger agencies.

When viewing the portfolio, check out what kind of work the media production company has worked on. Is it detailed and easy to understand? Is it high-quality and to your standards? Does it match the vibe of your own company, and is any of their previous work in line with the tone that you’re looking for? Before you make any big decisions, you must feel confident that the company will be able to bring your vision to life. The portfolio will not only give you a good idea of the type of work the videography companies do, but it can also give you inspiration about things to incorporate into your own project.

Read Client Testimonials

While the portfolio reflects the work the agency is most proud of, client testimonials will give you an idea of how the company goes about its business. This section should also be available on the website and should include stories about how the company conducted business and the impact the video had on the client’s customers. If past clients have nothing but good things to say about the agency, this is a good sign that the video creation company is credible.

Be Aware of Timelines

While it’s not always possible to know before a project starts whether it will be delivered on time, there are some punctuality indicators you can look into before signing up with an agency. When communicating with your contact in the marketing video production firm, do they respond in a timely manner, or do they take a few days to get back to you? When you call, does anyone pick up, or are you on hold for longer than is convenient? Professional business people will make sure that all communications are as timely as possible. If an agency does not value your time, they are not worth your business.

Have Clear Expectations and Objectives

In order to choose the best video production company for your business, you need to establish your expectations and goals for the project. The agency should provide valuable insight and resources early in the process to define concepts and creative processes. As the client, you must be clear about your expectations and objectives to the agency so that everyone is on the same page before production can begin. The team should also provide you with a timeline of how long the project will take, so you know when to expect delivery in every stage of the process.

You Must Be Happy With the Standard of Their Work

Standards are essential in a professional setting, especially if you are paying for a product/service, or in this case, video production services. Regardless of why you need the video, you should be happy with the level of production standards. Again, the portfolio and customer testimonials should be a good indication of the standards of an agency.

Creativity and Passion Go Hand in Hand

These days, video content is all over the internet, so creating something really unique is rare. Many video production companies draw inspiration from one other and use the same styles and formats over and over again. Therefore, finding an agency that prides itself on its creativity and passion and not following overused trends and art styles is a good sign that it also takes every project seriously and strives to create compelling and meaningful video content.

Tips for Finding a Video Production Company for Your Needs

If you’re looking to hire a firm to make a video for you, you might not have a good idea of what to expect, what price to work with, and what to prepare for. Follow these tips to help you find an agency that aligns with the goals of your company.

Shop Around

Get quotes from the best video production companies before making a decision, but be reasonable with your budget. The highest charging agency does not equal the best service, nor just cutting down your budget to an inch of its life. You get what you pay for, and if you are only willing to cough up the bare minimum, you will get service to match. Shop around for the best quotes and make a decision based on the industry standard.

Quality Versus Budget

On a related note, you get what you pay for when hiring a video production firm. All levels of video production are technical and creative and comprise a highly skilled team of writers, designers, videographers, cinematographers, editors, producers, and more. This is not a cheap industry, and the cost of equipment will astound even the most well-informed outsider. That said, you must understand that if you want the best, you have to be willing to pay for the expert services of one of the top video production companies on the market. Consider the entire process of video production, from pre to post-production, and you might be able to better wrap your head around exactly what it takes to produce even one minute of video content.

Remember Your Destination

You must consider where you want your videos to live and conceptualize a strategy based on that. For example, if you plan on featuring the video on your website and YouTube/Video page, then you can work with a product that’s between 90 to 120 seconds long, or even longer if you’re feeling generous.

However, if platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are your goals, then the web video production company would need to create a shorter product. Consider posting short ‘teaser’ videos on your social pages and the full-length versions on your website, YouTube, etc. You must let your production team know exactly where you want your video to live so that they can consider this in the early stages of the process.

Find a Production Company That Specializes in Your Needs

Do your homework on each production house you are considering to see exactly what kind of work they do compared to what you are looking for. For example, if you want an animated video, be sure to choose one of the video production companies that specialize in this type of content. Check out what clients they’ve worked with and the work they’ve produced. If their previous clients and work align with what you want, this is a good indicator that the agency will be a good fit for you. If you see a video style you simply love, ask around, and find out who made the video. If it is a local creative video production company, you’re in luck, and you can approach them about working on your video and a quote.

Be Involved From Day One

You will be investing a large amount of money, especially if you go with one of the best production companies, so make sure you are as involved in the process as possible. In addition to your money, invest your time as well and become actively engaged in the process without, however, overstepping your boundaries. Give the experts space to work but be an active part of the journey.

Find out more about the team you’ll be working with and make sure they know you want to be involved. Explain your vision and listen to any advice and recommendations. If you’ve picked the right one, you will feel confident that your vision matches theirs. Collaboration is key, and you may even end up with a cooler concept than expected.

What to Consider when Collaborating with a Video Production Company

Choosing a company that suits the message and style of your brand, sharing your vision, and open communication are all important to developing a successful, long-term business partnership. Read on for more details on the essentials to consider when collaborating with a video marketing agency.

The Purpose of Your Video

Why are you making this video? What message do you want to convey? Who do you want to target? Are you trying to generate brand awareness or trying to attract new customers? Where will the video live? Define and communicate this information to the agency early on.

The Tone of Your Video

Even if you’ve hired one of the top production companies out there, you know your audience better than an outsourced team. Let the agency know the tone you want to convey and to what audience. If your audience is the man on the street, your video’s tone should reflect that. If it’s a more corporate target audience, the tone will be more formal. It’s a good idea to share examples of videos you like, even if they are made by rival videographer companies, or the styles that you think will suit your brand’s tone with the team. That said, a good company will be able to help you find the right tone.

Share Your Vision Early

Once you have your team, it’s time for the real collaboration to begin. Have an initial consultation or meeting to talk about the project details. You can share your vision but also hear the thoughts of the company’s creatives. You will also get the chance to course-correct, talk about your expectations, share brand-related information and more.

Define the Scope of the Project

Make your expectations clear from the beginning. Bear in mind that different agencies offer different services, pricing arrangements, and packages. For example, will the company offer video editing services for free if a revision or an update is needed?  Good agencies should offer almost every service in the production process, from concept to shooting, design, and even animation. Find an outfit that does it all, or a niche company that specializes in your specific needs.

Welcome New Ideas

There’s a reason you’re working with a specialized production company – they’re the experts on videos, website video productions and more. While you need to nail down your desired message, tone, and brand elements, be open to hearing the creative ideas of an outsider, not to mention video experts.

Don’t Forget to Communicate

You should be asked for feedback regularly during pre and post-production. Remember, however, that a lack of response on your side can severely hold up production.

Even if you need time to get the required approvals from your superiors or investors, let the production team know when they can expect approval. Having a successful partnership is about fostering a relationship based on mutual respect and understanding, and that starts with communication.

Ultimately, regardless of which of the video production companies you decide to go with, developing a respectful, collaborative relationship will be key to the success of your project.