A Comprehensive Guide on How To Find A Scammer Online

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Updated: September, 20, 2023

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Fraudulent activities have become so sophisticated nowadays that even the most cautious individuals have fallen prey.

In 2022, the Federal Trade Commission reported that consumers lost nearly $8.8 billion to fraud. Phishing scams were the most prevalent of these reports, amassing more than $52 million.

Fraudsters often use different tactics to conceal their identities and locations. This makes it difficult to hold them accountable. However, with the right knowledge, it is possible to uncover leads that can identify the scammer.

If you’ve been a scam victim, knowing the various methods to find a scammer is important. Continue reading to learn how to find those scammers. 

Key Takeaways:
🔑 Finding a scammer may be difficult, as they often go to great lengths to hide their identity.
🔑 Tracking down scammers can help victims should pursue legal actions.
🔑 Platforms like Facebook can be valuable resources for identifying scammers.
🔑 Victims can use free reverse image search platforms like Google Lens to reveal scammers.
🔑 Practice safe online behaviors to avoid falling victim to scams in the future.

How To Identify a Scammer Online

Identifying these online tricksters has become an essential skill these days. Knowing how to find these scammers can help lower the chances of falling victim to scams again. 

There are many techniques you can try to locate a scammer’s whereabouts. One is by utilizing a people search tool. This tool lets users search for another person using information such as name, phone number, address, or email address.

In the following sections, you’ll find different techniques that can help you track down a scammer.

Method #1: Finding a Scammer Using Their Email – TruthFinder

Experts anticipate that the global number of email users will reach 4.594 billion in 2025. Unfortunately, e-mailing is where most phishing attacks happen. 

TruthFinder is a people search tool that scours through online sources to compile detailed reports on individuals. One feature of TruthFinder is finding information about someone through their email address.

Here’s how to find a scammer by email using TruthFinder:

  1. Go to TruthFinder’s Reverse Email Lookup.
  1. Type in the email address on the search bar.
TruthFinder’s Reverse Email Lookup page
  1. Click the Search button and wait for it to finish scanning data sources.
TruthFinder scanning from online resources
  1. TruthFinder requires users to provide their full names and email addresses because the company will send the results via email.
TruthFinder Save Your Result page
  1. To access the result, users must sign in and purchase a subscription plan.
TruthFinder account activation page

You may also discover contact information such as a street address, phone number(s), and other email accounts the person has used.

TruthFinder’s pricing ranges from $4.99 monthly to $29.73, depending on your needs. The table below shows more detailed information on what Truthfinder offers and their corresponding prices:

TruthFinder’s membership plan and prices.

If you don’t have the scammer’s email address but have their phone number instead, the next section will guide you on how to find a scammer using their phone number.

:+1: Helpful Article:
TruthFinder only provides public records on people living in the United States. Check out this article to learn more about TruthFinder:
TruthFinder Review

Method #2: Use a Scammer’s Phone Number to Find Them – Intelius

Phone numbers are one of the most identifying pieces of information a person can have. People can easily use it to do a background check on someone or find their location. 

It can be advantageous if you have a scammer’s phone number. You can use it to find a scammer’s location.

One prominent tool that can help you find out the owner of a phone number is Intelius. All you have to do is input a phone number that scammed you, and you’ll get more information about the owner of that phone number. 

Intelius costs $34.95 monthly for unlimited phone, person, and address reports. However, users can pay $3.99 as a one-time payment to download reports if they want to opt out of the monthly subscription.

Here’s a detailed guide to using this service:

  1. Go to Intelius’ Reverse Phone Lookup.
  2. Enter the phone number you wish to look up, and then click the Search button.
Intelius Reverse Phone Number Lookup page
  1. Click View Results.
Intelius Search Results page
  1. Intelius requires users to provide their full names and email addresses because the company will send the results via email.
 Intelius Save Your Result page
  1. Intelius will provide a preview of the result.
Results preview of the reverse phone number lookup
  1. Intelius will email the rest of the report. Click View Report.
Intelius’ email of the report
  1. Click Agree and Continue.
Intelius’ search results page
  1. To access the full report, users must sign in and purchase a subscription plan.
Intelius account activation page

There’s also another tool you can use aside from reverse phone lookup. It is a people search website that can find a scammer using their picture.

Dive into the next section to uncover more about it!

💡Did You Know?
In 2022, the elderly lost $3.1 billion to internet scams, the most of any age group. The greatest contributing factor to this figure is call center scams, where almost half of the victims are over 60 years old.

Method #3: Reverse Image Lookup – Social Catfish

When scammed, reverse image lookup can help you uncover a person’s true identity or verify an image’s authenticity.

Social Catfish uses image metadata and proprietary technology that allows users to scan millions of social profiles in seconds, including:

  • Social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Online dating sites and apps like Match, Plenty of Fish, and Tinder.
  • Forums networking sites like Reddit and LinkedIn
  • Google Images.

Here is Social Catfish’s cost and plans:

  • Unlimited Social Search — $5.73 for five days and a $27.48 monthly fee afterward
  • Unlimited Image Search — $5.99 for five days and a $26.99 monthly fee afterward
  • In-Depth Search — $297 for one report

Here’s how to do a reverse image search using SocialCatfish:

  1. Go to Social Catfish’s Reverse Image Search.
Website homepage of Social Catfish
  1. Click Image.
Reverse image search page of Social Catfish
  1. Click “Browse and upload the image here.” Upload an image from your computer.
 A computer’s Downloads folder
  1. Wait for the results. When it’s ready, click “Yes, I understand.”
The search result page of Social Catfish
  1. To access the result, users must sign in and purchase a subscription plan.
Final step to unlock Social Catfish report
Pro Tip:
Use the five-day trial and upload as many images as possible before committing to a subscription plan. Additionally, if you’re concerned about online privacy, you can remove your data from Social Catfish.

How to Find a Scammer for Free?

It’s essential to recognize that not all victims of online scams have the budget for online tools to help find their scammers.

There should be a way to help victims without incurring additional expenses. Fortunately, free alternatives are available to ensure everyone can find the people who conned them.

Keep on reading to learn more!

Method #4: Tracking a Scammer Using Facebook

Facebook users in the United States are likely to reach 324.76 million by 2026. The site lets users add information about themselves to their profiles, making it a great way to find someone online.

Below are five different methods on how to use Facebook to find a scammer.

Conduct a Name-Based Search on Facebook

Scammers often employ the same alias or persona when targeting multiple individuals. This is why searching for their given name is a great start to acquiring leads on the real identity of the scammer.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to facebook.com.
  1. Enter the scammer’s name using the main search bar at the top of the website.
Facebook user home page and the main search bar
  1. Utilize the filters on the left side of the page to refine the results further.
Facebook search result page with Filters set on People

Find Someone on Facebook Using the Name of the Company

Sometimes, scammers adopt a business, brand, or organization’s name that appears legitimate to gain trust and lure unsuspecting individuals.

You can turn to Facebook and conduct a quick and effective investigation.

The steps below will show you how:

  1. Type the company’s name in the main search bar on Facebook.
Facebook user home page and the main search bar
  1. Select People to filter the results by users with that workplace listed on their profile.
Facebook search result page with Filters set on People

 Many people include their current or past workplaces in their profiles, making it easier to find a person.

Use Mutual Connections To Find a Person on Facebook

If you suspect that one of your existing friends might have a connection to the scammer, you can use mutual connections to find them. 

Proceed with the steps below to learn how to use this approach.

  1. On your Facebook, click Friends.
Facebook user home page on a computer
  1. Select All Friends.
Facebook friends page on a computer
  1. Search for your friend’s account.
  1. Click the Friends tab on your friend’s Facebook profile to view their friends.
A user’s Facebook friend profile page.

You can search through the list or look at recently added friends.

Facebook allows individuals to conceal their friends list, so this method will be ineffective if the friend you are referencing has their friends list in private mode.

Explore Public Groups on Facebook to Find a Scammer

You can also use the scammer’s interests or affiliations and search for it on relevant Facebook Groups. For example, if you paid the scammer an amount in exchange for a product, you can search for a Facebook group or community selling similar products.

Here’s the rundown on how to do it:

  1. Use the search bar to find the group you think the person might be in. Employ keywords.
Example: Buy and sell groups for Nintendo Switch
  1. Once you’re on the group’s page, go to the Members or People section and use the search bar to look for the person.
Facebook group members page

This method also allows group members to combat online fraud collectively. When someone exposes a scammer in a group, it acts as a warning to others and aids in safeguarding potential victims.

Ensure you choose “Public Groups” on the search results page to view the members. Closed or private groups require you to be a member to see the individuals who have joined.

Perform a Reverse Phone Number Search on Facebook

If you have the scammer’s phone number, you can perform a reverse phone number search on Facebook. It’s free, and it takes only a few steps.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to Facebook.
  1. Type in the phone number in the search bar and see if any results appear.
Facebook search results with Filters set on People

Filter and narrow down the results as needed, and check for relevant information.

Once you’ve gathered sufficient data about the scammer, such as their photo, you can take further steps to uncover their online presence. One of which is to do a reverse image search.

Read further to learn how to track down an individual based on images for free. Don’t miss out on this powerful tool; head on to the next section immediately!

🎉Fun Fact:
In 2016, a cybersecurity researcher named Christian Haschek fell victim to a scam and lost $500. He got his money back by tracking down the scammer’s family and contacting them on Facebook.

Method #5: Doing a Free Reverse Image Search – Google Lens

Google introduced “Search by Images” on July 12, 2001. This feature allows users to search the Internet using images. It leverages advanced image recognition technology to identify and retrieve visually similar or identical images from the web.

Explore how to use it to find the person who scammed you.

  1. Go to google.com.
  1. Click Images or directly access it through this link: images.google.com.
Google home page on a computer
  1. Click on the camera icon to activate Google’s Reverse Image Search.
Google Images home page on a computer
  1. You can drag or upload an image from your desktop. You can also paste the image’s URL into the provided field.
Google Images upload options page
  1. Click Search.
🎉Fun Fact:
“What to watch” is the most asked question on Google, with a global monthly volume of over 9 million searches.

Bottom Line

The threat of online scams pushed victims to discover various techniques and tools for tracking fraudsters. 

Taking action promptly is essential. While the methods described in the article can be valuable tools, reporting scams to the relevant authorities, such as your local law enforcement agencies, is recommended.

Educating oneself about common online scams and practicing online safety measures can help you avoid falling victim to such scams.

FAQs on How to Find a Scammer

How do you find out who a scammer is?

Conduct thorough research whenever you have online transactions. Look for red flags such as inconsistencies in their stories, requests for money or personal information, and overly aggressive or threatening behavior.

How do I get a scammer caught?

Gather evidence of the scam and report it to your local law enforcement. Additionally, notify other consumers by sharing your experience with relevant online platforms.

How do I track a scammer on Google Chat?

Unfortunately, there is no way to track a person in Google Chat. If you encounter a scammer on Google Chat, the best way to resolve the issue is to report it to authorities.

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