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Live streaming is a growing trend across many industries, gaming being no exception. Today, gamers flock to Twitch as their primary entertainment platform. Twitch is growing so strongly that it even threatens YouTube in this segment. This platform, however, has a sole focus on video games, which makes it fairly unique. That’s why we prepared some interesting Twitch stats to show you how this platform works, who uses it the most, and all the trends that are shaping live gaming streaming. 

Twitch Stats (Editor’s Choice)

  • Twitch has 30 million daily active users. (EarthWeb)
  • There are over 2.2 million broadcasters monthly on Twitch. (EarthWeb)
  • Twitch has around 140 million unique monthly visitors. (EarthWeb)
  • About 75% of Twitch users are under 35 years old. (DemandSage)
  • Users of this platform watch 71 million hours of video content daily. (EarthWeb)
  • There are over 11 million streaming channels on Twitch. (Backlinko)

General Statistics about Twitch

1. Twitch has 30 million daily active users. 

Twitch active user numbers reach 30 million per day on average. This figure comprises both viewers and gamers. The platform further boasts three million monthly broadcasters with almost two billion minutes of videos watched each day, or eight years’ worth of video material every month. These creators make up 50% of the total userbase, unlike in the case of YouTube, where this percentage hovers around 20-30%. 


2. There are 44 million Twitch viewers in the US. 

Despite the common misconception that the Asia Pacific is driving viewing in the market since Twitch is known for eSports, Twitch statistics by country show that it’s far from that. China, South Korea, and Japan are in the top four largest gaming markets, however, Chinese streaming giant DouYu is preventing Twitch from entering strongly into these markets. This leaves the US as the largest country based on the number of viewers. 


Countries With the Highest Percentage of Twitch Viewership

3. In 2021, Twitch was in the top 0.000002% based on overall internet engagement. 

Twitch stats show that the platform ranked 37th for internet engagement worldwide, out of two billion websites globally. It, however, has trouble claiming the number one place in the video-sharing category where it faces stiff competition on YouTube and TikTok. 


4. With a 9.4% share, Twitch ranks 5th as a commonly used platform by video gamers in the US. 

Despite its staggering growth, Twitch is still behind some other social media giants, based on video gamers’ usage. For instance, YouTube reigns supreme with 48.7% of gamers citing their preference for this platform. Facebook is another gamer favorite with 41.7%, followed by Instagram with 33.9%. 


Video Gamers Preference for Social Media Platforms

5. 35% of Twitch video views originate from mobile devices. 

Today, accessing Internet services using mobile devices has become so common that about 4.42 billion users do it. Twitch statistics reveal that somewhat more than one-third of the platform’s views come from mobile. This is hardly surprising given that the Twitch app has been installed from the Google Play Store over 100 million times. For YouTube, for example, the percentage of mobile views is significantly higher (70%). 


6. 78% of Twitch users think sponsorships are great for the gaming industry. 

Sponsorships have become the bread and butter of the gaming industry. Users understand that the Twitch advertising revenue is really important to keep the company going. Most users want to see more charity efforts from brands, while 78% want them to sponsor events instead of single players on the platform. 


7. League of Legends is the most-watched game on Twitch, with 42.55 billion hours of watch. 

Twitch statistics by game reveal that LoL is by far the most popular game for viewers on the platform. The next in line, Fortnite, has nearly half the hours — 25.16 billion. Other notable games include Counter-Strike (19.14 billion), Grand Theft Auto V (17.53 billion), DOTA 2 (17.15 billion), Hearthstone (12.61 billion), and World of Warcraft (10.26 billion). 


Top 10 Most Popular Games on Twitch by Hours Watched

8. TwitchCon from 2019 registered around 28,000 visitors per day. 

Like many other platforms, Twitch has its own real-world event. The first in the series of events happened in 2016 and 35,000 people attended in total. Next year, the event attracted around 50,000 people. Unfortunately, the 2020 and 2021 events were canceled because of the pandemic. 


9. 70% of Twitch users rely on Streamlabs. 

According to Twitch usage statistics, the majority of users seem to be using Streamlabs as streaming software for this platform. Twitch has also released its own product, Twitch Studio, which is designed to get new streamers on board quickly. 


10. Twitch is blocked in China and Russia. 

Typically, streamers use VPN to access Twitch, especially in countries where it’s not accessible, Russia and China being the prime examples. Users tend to go for the best VPNs for streaming video content which usually boast large server networks in multiple countries, making them perfect for the platform, Twitch stats show. 


Twitch Business Data

11. Since 2017, the number of Partners in the Twitch Membership Program has increased by 68%. 

The company has a Partner Program that gathers broadcasters looking to put their streams to good use and earn money in the process. The number of partners increased by 68% between 2017 and 2019. 


12. Top streamers on the platform earned around $9.6 million over 2019-2021. 

The company suffered a data leak in October 2021, resulting in some information exposure. Among other things, the earnings of top streamers came out. Twitch statistics show that the top 10 accounts on the network had more than $50 million in earnings. 


13. In 2020, the Twitch annual revenue reached $2.3 billion. 

The company’s revenue has been on the rise for years, mostly due to subscriptions and IAP. Back in 2016, the company generated $100 million. Next year, the Twitch revenue of $400 million, then neared the one-billion mark in 2018. In 2019, the figure rose to $1.5 billion, significantly boosting the Twitch company value, as evidenced by the latest Twitch stats.

(Business of Apps)

Twitch Revenue Through Years

14. Gaming is expected to grow at a 10.5% CAGR between 2021 and 2026. 

By growing at this rate, the global value of this market will reach $256 billion by this time. Emerging markets, like Brazil, will play a significant role in this period, and take a large part of this share. 


15. Amazon purchased Twitch for $970 million in 2014. 

Statistics on Twitch history show that at the time of the purchase, Google was also rumored to be interested in acquiring the streaming platform. While Twitch is bringing in $231.8 million of ad revenue to Amazon, this still marks a fraction of the ecommerce giant’s overall sales — $13 billion from ads alone in 2020. Twitch’s subscription contribution to Amazon, however, is harder to measure since Amazon Prime comes with a premium Twitch subscription.


Twitch User Statistics

16. Twitch has around 140 million unique monthly visitors. 

The number of users on this platform is not as high as some other social media networks, however, it’s still pretty solid. It marks 14% of Instagram’s monthly average users, 7% of YouTube’s, or 14% of TikTok’s monthly average. 


17. 65% of Twitch users are male. 

Twitch demographics facts show that the streaming platform’s audience is predominantly male. However, by looking at the Twitch gender statistics through the years, we can confirm that the gap has been lowering rapidly. For reference, in 2017, about 81.5% of users were male. 


18. Only two out of the top 100 most-watched streamers on Twitch are women. 

While the Twitch gender demographics are still dominated by men, Valkyrae and Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys managed to reach video streaming royalty on this platform. A report from 2021 shows that Valkyrae ranked 27th in total hours watched by female and male viewers alike, while Pokimane ranked 98th. 


19. About 75% of Twitch users are under 35 years old. 

Most Twitch users are quite young, as confirmed by Generation Z statistics. Namely, the average Twitch viewer age is between 16 and 35 years old. Twitch streamer statistics reveal that 41% are in the age group 16-24. Next, 32% are 25-34-year-olds. Those aged 35-44 comprise only 17% of viewers.


Age Demographics of Twitch Users

20. NinjaHyper is one of the youngest and richest Twitch streamers with a $25 million net worth. 

Richart Tyler Blevins, born in 1991 in the US, is one of the youngest streamers on the platform. He fits perfectly into the typical Twitch age demographics. He owes his extreme popularity reflected in 17.5 million followers to his 11 years of experience as a professional streamer and gamer. He became famous for playing League of Legends, Fortnite, and similar games. 

(Come to play)

Twitch Stream Stats

21. The average Twitch user watches 95 minutes per session. 

This compares to 40 minutes for YouTube users. Streaming statistics show that in 2020 alone, viewers on Twitch spent about 36 billion hours streaming content. This is a staggering growth compared to 2019 when users watched 18 billion hours. 


22. About 2.5 million people watch Twitch streaming at any point in time. 

With over 140 million Twitch monthly active users, the platform has no obstacles to receiving high viewer rates. Most attention from active viewers occurs on Sundays, while Saturday is the next best day to stream. On the other hand, the Monday streams attract the least viewers. 


23. Ninja is the top channel on the platform with almost 17 million followers. 

Ninja is the streamer with the highest number of followers on his channel. Twitch statistics by channel show that this streamer has 16.95 million subscribers. Next on the list of the top five channels is Tfue, with 10.69 million followers. The remaining channels in the top five list are AuronPlay (10.2 million), Rubius (9.98 million), and shroud (9.63 million). 


Top 10 Channels By the Number of Followers

24. There were about 105,000 concurrent channels on Twitch as of 2021. 

Considering that in 2020, there were 87,000, this marks tremendous growth. Among the factors influencing this surge were COVID-19 lockdowns which had people glued to computer screens. 


25. 70% of e-sports viewing happens on Twitch. 

According to Twitch subscriber statistics, this platform accounts for the majority of e-sports views. While YouTube is continuously trying to get more people to watch e-sports on its platform, Twitch manages to hold its own.


26. Twitch has over 11,000 channels in Spanish. 

Despite English being the primary language on this platform and the most popular one, Spanish channels are also quite popular. Live streaming statistics reveal that these channels have about 390,000 viewers each week. Further, they account for 2.2% of all Twitch channels and receive 13.2% of all viewers on the platform. The platform also features channels in German, French, Korean, Russian, and Portuguese, among others. 


27. In 2021, politician Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had reached the highest average viewers for a single channel, or 209,080. 

Many are benefiting from the popularity of Twitch, stream stats show, politicians included. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez had around 308,422 viewers at a peak of her two streams in the Just Chatting category in 2021. Influencer marketing statistics show that others also use Twitch to reach their target audience. Russian channel dota2ti_ru, for example, broadcasted 10 days of eSports from the Dota 2 Championship held in Romania in 2021. It averaged 179,289 viewers or 812,818 at the peak. 

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

28. The Just Chatting category on Twitch has 464,882 viewers at any time. 

Just Chatting is a popular Twitch category, stats show. Despite it being primarily a gaming platform, Twitch also allows people to use this category to simply exchange conversations. This number of viewers at any given time puts this category before the most popular game League of Legends, with an average of 128,092 viewers. 

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

Wrap Up

The world is rapidly falling in love with the gaming industry, and, as a result, Twitch is gaining more popularity each day. Its popularity further relies on the ability to provide instantaneous stream videos, on top of needed techniques for content creators to monetize their broadcasts via subscriptions and donations. Twitch stats indicate that this growing trend is only bound to continue in the years to come. 


How much is Twitch worth?

As of 2021, the company has a projected value of $6 billion. Thanks to the enormous fortune company gained through the live streaming of video games, the Twitch valuation has been constantly growing. 


How many people use Twitch?

As many as 15 million active users visit the platform daily for gaming content, according to Twitch viewer statistics. Twitch also has three million monthly broadcasters with about two billion minutes of video streamed every day. That makes up for eight years worth of video material each month. Content creators comprise 50% of the users. 


How many Twitch affiliates are there?

Twitch has about 27,000 partners and about 2.2 million unique monthly broadcasters. 


What is the number 1 game on Twitch?

Twitch statistics show that the League of Legends is the dominant game on this platform. Between 2016 and 2019, this game managed to hit one billion hours watched on average annually. In 2020, this number increased to 1.5 billion, and to 1.7 billion in 2021. It is set to pass the two billion mark in 2022. 

(Dot Esports)

Who is the biggest growing Twitch streamer?

In 2021, Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel gained about 5.6 million followers on his channel. That made him the most-watched streamer on the platform for two consecutive years. He is a professional Overwatch player. He switched to streaming different games like Chess and Valorant. Next is Adis Ross who gained 4.7 million followers in the same period, followed by AuronPlay, who gained 4.6 million followers, according to Twitch sub statistics.  


How much do streamers make per sub?

On average, for 100 followers, a streamer can make $250 ($2.5 per subscriber). Therefore, streamers only earn a lot if they have millions of followers. Otherwise, it’s more like a paid hobby, rather than a real job. Still, those who make it to Partner can add more to their earnings per follower with sponsorships and subscriptions. 


Which country uses Twitch the most?

The US accounts for 20.83% of Twitch viewers. This translates into 44 million viewers, a figure set to reach 51.6 million by 2024. Next on the list, according to Twitch stats, is Germany with 7.11%, followed by South Korea (4.53%), Russia (4.3%), and France (4.11%). 


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