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Updated: February, 18, 2024

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The stories feature on Instagram has opened up an entirely separate universe of opportunities on the platform and Instagram stories stats are there to prove it. This is where real, life-inspired content thrives before disappearing forever after 24 hours unless you save it in the stories archive. However, even within such a short period, stories can attract interest, build trust, and generate user feedback and engagement. If your business needs a jump into this exciting ocean of fun and opportunities, our list of useful stats below will certainly get you going.

Instagram Stories Stats (Editor’s Choice) 

  • Over 500 million Instagrammers use stories daily. (SproutSocial, Backlinko
  • 70% of Gen Zers and 59% of millennials watch stories on Instagram. (Business Insider)
  • Stories are a way for 61% of Instagrammers to see what their friends are doing. (Jumper Media)
  • Influencers are paid between $43 and $721 for IG stories. (Klear)
  • 86.6% of businesses use Instagram stories in their marketing strategies. (Earth Web, eMarketer)
  • In 83% of the cases, using stickers in stories enhances video performance.  (Facebook

Instagram Stories Statistics Rundown

1. A massive 86.6% of Instagram users post stories.

With a total of 1 billion monthly active users, nearly 87% of Instagram users actively create content with the stories feature, not on a monthly but daily basis. It is no wonder the feature has gained so much popularity since it was first introduced. A quick look into the performance of Instagram stories vs posts, however, reveals that only 36.6% favor watching stories. The remaining majority (63.4%) prefer to scroll through the Instagram feed. 

(The Preview App

2. Instagram stories usage statistics indicate that over 500 million Instagrammers use stories daily.

The number of Instagram account holders who actively use the IG story feature daily is massive. Just as recently as 2018, the number was 400 million, which is impressive growth. The number of Instagram stories’ daily active users directly rivals the ones of Facebook and Messenger, as well as WhatsApp Status DAU figures. Compared to Snapchat’s 190 million total daily users, it’s clear that Instagram stories are among the most popular platform features out there today. 

(SproutSocial, Backlinko

3. Instagram user statistics show 70.8% of Instagrammers are younger than 35.

Statista’s data on the worldwide distribution of Instagrammers by age show that a little over 70% of the platform’s users are under 35. How does this information help you? For example, if you’re selling retirement plans, with only 2.1% of 65+ users, Instagram is definitely not the place you want to start targeting audiences.


Distribution of Instagram users Worldwide as of April 2022 by Age Group

4. 70% of Gen Zers and 59% of millennials watch stories on Instagram. 

According to Instagram stories user statistics, there is growing popularity of this IG feature among the world’s dominant populations—Millennials and Gen Zers. Gen Z stats show that a whopping 70% of this age group are fond of stories on Instagram, but a little more excited about Snapchat’s (72%). The situation is different with millennials. Research shows this generation is more keen on seeing IG stories (59%) than Snapchat stories (52%). What these two generations have in common, though, is the steady unpopularity of Facebook stories. 

(Business Insider

5. Only 31% of millennials create content on Instagram. 

Instagram stories vs Snapchat statistics show that creating stories or posts on Instagram is less popular among teenagers with 58% preferring to do it on Snapchat. Generation Z research indicates that only 39% actively create content on Instagram. Millennials appear very little interested in creating content on Instagram or Snapchat as the percentage of post creators is low at 31% and 34%, respectively.  

(Business Insider

6. Compared to posts, the reach rate of Instagram stories is lower and ranges between 1.2% and 5.4%. 

Reach rate for stories on Instagram, as Instagram stories vs feed statistics indicate, is between 2.5% and 5.4% (less than in 2020), meaning your chances of reaching a higher number of people is better with Instagram posts. In contrast, posts indicate an organic reach rate of between 9% and 20%. An Instagram story vs post comparison signals that the difference between reach in posts and stories lowers as the number of followers grows. 

(Rival IQ

Reach Rate of Instagram Stories vs Posts

7. According to Instagram statistics, IGTV engagement rate declined by 75.6%.

Launched in 2019, the feature allowing Instagrammers to upload videos of up to 60 minutes in length had reached a solid engagement rate of 0.45% by the start of 2020 and an even better rate of 0.93% for influencer marketers. However, by late October, the IGTV engagement rate had dropped to minimal 0.11% noting a decline by 75.6%.

(Trust Insights)

8. Stories are a way for 61% of Instagrammers to see what their friends are doing. 

The latest Instagram stories statistics show that six out of ten people use this feature as a sneak peek into their friends’ lives. No, not in a creepy or stalker kind of way but it’s just the way technology works nowadays. But since we are discussing stories and why people use them, a good-to-know fact about Instagram stories would be that 58% of people also use them to view authentic content. 

(Jumper Media

9. Instagram stories stats show the feature has increased the average daily time users spend on IG to 29 minutes.

The Instagram stories feature has encouraged users to spend more time on the platform, increasing their average daily usage to up to 28 minutes. Users will spend an average of 14.2 minutes on Pinterest every day, while TikTok consumes 32 minutes from their user’s day.

(BroadBand Search

10. Influencers are paid between $43 and $721 for IG Stories. 

Judging by Instagram stories business stats, it really pays off to be a social media influencer, especially on Instagram. One story can get you up to $721 if you’re a celebrity and the money is also good if you have between 500 to 5,000 followers. Instagram story analytics further reveal that micro-influencers can earn as much as $73 per story. In contrast, the so-called ‘power influencers’ with over 30,000 followers can earn around $200 by just sharing just one story.


Instagram Stories Stats For Marketers

11. Marketers in the US spend 31% of their Instagram ad budget on stories.

Of course, they spend more on feed posts (69% to be exact), but this only shows how aware they are of the potential of the IG stories feature. Instagram stories vs feed marketing data indicate that maintaining a balance of about ⅓ Stories and ⅔ feed posts is an excellent plan to consider when you venture on your new Instagram advertising strategy. 


12. 86.6% of businesses utilize Instagram stories in their marketing strategies. 

Instagram stories stats indicate that a majority of marketers leverage IG stories for their influencer marketing campaigns. Based on eMarketer’s research, when asked whether they used this feature in their marketing efforts, 37% of marketers said stories comprised up to 25% of their campaigns while 33% said between 26%- 50%. Additionally, 17% of respondents said up to 74% of their campaigns were focused on stories and another 13% said up to 100% of their influencer campaigns used this feature.

(Earth Web, eMarketer)

13. Instagram stories business stats mention 36% of stories promote a product.

According to a study by Klear, most brands that use Instagram stories for business purposes focus their content on product promotion (36%). Next on the list with 22% are business IG stories that offer an “inside look” into various products or features, while 14% host an influencer takeover. 10% of brand stories feature various life events, while the good old “how-to” stories account for 5%. Branding agencies should consider using Instagram Stories more in the future.


Most Popular Instagram Story Types for Brands

14. 96% of US marketers will continue to use Instagram stories in the six months to come.

One thing no marketer can dispute is the data provided by Instagram stories for business statistics on the effectiveness of Instagram swipe up ads (when done right, of course). The most important thing to keep in mind is their continuous performance compared to other advertising channels such as Instagram feed and Facebook. Sharing on Instagram stories has already surpassed both. In a typical month, 50% of all businesses worldwide produce at least one Instagram story. Businesses are also the creators of a third of the most-watched stories on the platform.

(Embed Social

15. Instagram stories stats reveal 60% of businesses use interactive elements in their stories.

So, don’t stress if you do not create stories every day. After all, users prefer quality over quantity. If you don’t have anything new to share, wait till you do and watch the magic happen. Since we are discussing quality, here is what the latest tips on the Instagram stories format reveal: 60% of businesses use interactive elements, such as location tags, @-mentions, polling stickers, etc. For example, Dunkin’ Donuts reduced their cost-per-view by 20% because they used their custom made sticker. 

(Neal Schaffer, Instagram)

16. In 83% of the cases, using stickers in stories enhances video performance. 

Facebook’s research reveals that stickers in video stories on any platform can be a game changer. Some other video Instagram stories engagement stats also show that stickers really stick with customers. Why?! Because engaging features, such as the popular questions sticker, is what makes your video stand out. The trick is not to overdo it because using too many stickers can backfire. 


17. In February 2018, the US apparel brand Gap achieved a 73% higher click-through rate in a chart-topping IG stories ad campaign.

In a revolutionary marketing move back in February 2018, the US apparel giant Gap decided to experiment with Instagram stories with a carousel campaign that took it to the heights of success. The plan was to utilize the functionalities of this relatively new format to boost sales and build brand awareness. Instagram stories engagement stats reveal that the campaign was a roaring success resulting in a 73% higher click-through rate than previous ad runs, a 4-point lift in message association, and a 17-point lift in ad recall. How did they manage it? Relatively easy. In a bid to drive Instagram Story engagement, the company added call-to-actions to each card of the carousel, linking it to its website using the swipe up feature.


18. Businesses share one-third of the most-viewed IG stories. 

Just when you think you know all about Instagram stories, more surprising Instagram story stats emerge. Back in 2017, around 8 million businesses registered, and 50% had reported they had created a story, and one-fifth of these organic stories received a direct message from a customer. This should not come as a shock as currently 80% of Instagram users follow businesses, watch Insta stories created by them, and interact by sharing and DMing them if they need more information.

(Embed Social, Loco Wise

19. The latest Instagram stories statistics reveal 58% of people have become more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in stories.

If you are looking for a way to get your product on the market, IG stories are an easy and effective way to do it. In fact, almost six out of ten people confirm a good Instagram story is how they got interested in a brand/product. Learn all about Instagram stories from the brands you like and follow, check what they post, mix them up with your ideas, and you’re ready to start marketing on Instagram.

(Omnicore Agency

20. Sports Instagram stories have a massive 90% completion rate.

Instagram stories for business statistics show the latest trends are about the efficiency of this feature. A recent Marketing Charts’ research suggests sports Instagram stories had the highest completion rate of 90%. Entertainment accounts on the other hand improved most in 2020 seeing a solid growth by 88% compared to 81% the year before. Still, longer stories generate higher reach, indicating that you should carefully pick your strategy as per your particular goals.

(Marketing Charts)

21. Fitness rules Instagram stories for business with 73% of all feature posts.

A closer look at Instagram stories stats demonstrates the apparent domination of the fitness industry in the fight for followers. A recent report by Klear mentions that this industry generates 73% of all Instagram stories posted by business accounts. The fashion sector comes in second with 70%, followed by retail with 56%. Surprisingly, Travel and Food & Drinks are at the bottom of the list.


Most Active Industries on Instagram Stories

22. The Support Small Business Sticker in IG stories was used by 61% of Instagram users.

Fun facts originating from the latest Instagram story stats reveal that in the first month the Support Small Business Sticker was introduced in Stories, it was used by six out of ten Instagrammers. The sticker was introduced in May 2020 as a way to support small businesses and strengthen their presence by allowing users to mention a business directly within the sticker. 


23. Used by 36% of brands, product promotion is the most popular IG story type.

If you’re a newbie trying to find the best format for your Instagram stories, as revealed by Instagram stories stats, product promotion is the way to kick off your campaign. Inside look stories prove successful in 22% of the cases while giving the marketing steering wheel to an influencer increases the chances of improving popularity by 14%. 


Frequently Asked Questions 

When did Instagram stories launch?

The Insta-stories feature was launched in August 2016.  This feature allows Instagrammers to post photos and videos that vanish after 24 hours and since it was so well accepted, the company decided to launch the live stories feature in November the same year. 


How many Instagram stories should you post per day?

One to seven is the optimal posting length but it is safe to post up to ten. Some post up to twenty stories a day but this might be too much and increases the chances of losing your audience half way through. In any case, Instagram allows for as many as 100 stories to be posted within 24 hours. You should post around 2 stories a day to keep your profile active.


Why are Instagram stories important?

Instagram stories do not just improve your visual content strategy but also allow you to increase your reach. As Instagram stories stats and facts show, all 500 million users like to tell their stories and love to watch IG stories even more. Whether you are an influencer, small business or even large corporation, the stories feature is a powerful tool that allows marketers to engage with their audiences and use their feedback to elevate their marketing strategy.


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