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There was a time when people thought social media and digital technologies had nowhere further to go. Then, Snapchat came along and demonstrated new ways to share videos and photos. And while many thought its days were numbered, the platform proved to be a tough nut to crack. The latest Snapchat statistics show that the messaging app not only still holds its own against Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, but that it also continues to improve, boosting its popularity and growing its market share. 

Snapchat Statistics (Editor’s Picks) 

  • In the Q1 2022, there were 332 million Snapchat active users daily. (Statista)
  • With 53.5 million downloads, Snapchat is among the 10 most popular apps in the world. (Oberlo)
  • The number of Snapchat monthly active users as of January is 557 million. (Statista)
  • An overwhelming majority of users (95%) claim Snapchat makes them feel happy. (Oberlo
  • By 2023, Snapchat user growth in the 65+ age group is expected to be 4%. (Business of Apps
  • 53.8% of Snapchat’s users are female. (Statista)

General Snapchat Stats

1. In the first quarter of 2022, there were 332 million Snapchat active users daily.

Since Snapchat was first launched in 2011, it has become one of the most popular social messaging and photo-sharing apps worldwide. Statista’s data offers some insight into how much the Snapchat number of users has grown over the years. Back in 2014, Snapchat had only 46 million daily active users which by Q2 of 2019 grew to 203 million, then 332 million in the Q2 of 2022.


Number of Daily Active Snapchat Users From 2014 to 2022

2. Snapchat users create 210 million snaps every minute.

Given how these Snapchat statistics point to an impressive number of snaps, the company recently announced that they have increased the total number of snaps created per quarter to a staggering 3.5 billion. The company contributes to the growing Snapchat popularity to the increase of users of newer Android devices stating that users now send 7% more snaps compared to the ones generated with older Android devices and to the Snapstreak feature which encourages users to constantly create snaps. The record for the longest Snapstreak currently stands at an incredible 1,756.


3. Snapchat must spend between $400 million to $1.1 billion for cloud services. 

A company as growth- and engagement-oriented as Snapchat is bound to have significant expenses for a variety of outlets. Interesting facts and statistics about Snapchat show that two of the biggest expenses are its payroll and cloud servers (to Google Cloud and Amazon AWS). The agreement with AWS dictates a minimum annual spend of $1.1 billion while the one with Google Cloud is worth $2 billion with a minimum spend of $400 million per year. Both contracts are valid till 2022. 


4. The advertising revenue generated by Snapchat is estimated to amount to $5.87 billion by 2026.

Snapchat stats based on Statista’s projections indicate that the platform’s advertising revenue (which accounts for the bulk of its total revenue) will reach $5.87 billion by 2026, which is a significant increase compared to 2022. This year, Snapchat’s advertising revenue is estimated at $3.63 billion.


Global Advertising Revenue Generated by Snapchat From 2017 to 2026

In Q1 2019, Snapchat was officially among the 10 most popular apps in the world. Snapchat statistics confirm that the app saw its number of downloads skyrocket following the launch of its baby and gender-swap lenses. In May 2019, close to 41.5 million people worldwide were estimated to have downloaded the app. In comparison, the number of downloads one month prior was 16.8 million worldwide. 


6. Snapchat Story Ads doubled in the last quarter of 2019. 

Snapchat advertising statistics related to story and commercial ads show that the company’s revenue from the latter increased by more than three times year-on-year. The numbers for the story ads segment are also satisfactory and show that Snapchat revenue doubled at the end of 2019. Snap CEO Evan Spiegel said he firmly believes there is much more to be done in this area which is why they remain strongly focused on growing the number of advertisers.

(Marketing Land)

Snapchat Usage Statistics

7. As of January 2022, the number of Snapchat monthly active users is 557 million. 

According to one of the latest Statista’s reports, the number of people who use Snapchat on a monthly basis is estimated at 557 million, which isn’t a lot compared to some other social media platforms, like Facebook (2,910 monthly users) or YouTube (2,562 monthly users). Also, Snapchat is the 5th most popular messaging app in the world.


8. 32% of respondents report using Snapchat when they are on the move.

Close friends typically use Snapchat to have conversations, while simultaneously sharing stories, videos, and photos about their day, according to a study by Murphy Research. Snapchat user statistics further reveal the app is unsurpassed in on-the-go use with 24% of users spending time on the app while traveling, and 29% messaging on it while commuting. 

(Influencer Marketing Hub)

9. Nearly 4 out of 10 Snapchat users say they’ve discovered brands as a result of online posts and endorsements by celebrities on the app.

The presence of influencers on Snapchat has grown over the years, even though the messaging app is not necessarily the best platform to cater to them. Nevertheless, Snapchat advertising statistics reveal that nearly 4 out of 10 users have discovered brands as a direct result of the app’s online posts and endorsements by celebrities/influencers. Snapchat influencer marketing seems to be working, after all. 


10. Snapchat’s new generation of AR lenses drew in more than 200 million users within the first two weeks of their release.

And by Q1 2020 the number totaled a fantastic 900,000. The way that Snapchat Lenses work is by taking the real world that is being filmed through the camera and applying AR-powered filters to it. Facts about Snapchat in the company’s Q2 2019 earnings statement show that the new generation of AR lenses drew in more than 200 million users to play with them within the first couple of weeks of their release. At the same time, the company reported that the daily number of Snapchat users engaging with the app’s AR functionality was 180 million (76%). 

(Business of Apps

11. An overwhelming majority of users (95%) claim Snapchat makes them feel happy.

As far as “feel good” apps go, statistics on Snapchat usage confirm the app wins that one by quite some margin. Nearly all of the app’s users claim that they feel happy while using it, which can’t be said for other platforms out there today, or at least not to that extent. As many as 95% of its users feel good when they’re posting videos and images, as well as browsing through those posted and created by others. Plus, the same report reveals that happy users access their Snapchat camera more than 20 times per day. 


12. Snapchat is ranked second based on overall mobile usage worldwide.

According to Snapchat usage statistics, this application is ranked second in the world based on overall mobile usage. The “noisy” Snapchat users are responsible for the most upstream mobile app ranking it #1 with 10.44% and #3 in the world for downstream mobile traffic with 8.29%. This shows that the app’s users are very active and tend to share photos and videos on a regular basis which drives up mobile usage. 


Snapchat Demographics

13. 107.95 million Americans of all ages were using Snapchat as of April 2022.

Snapchat users by country show that the number of Snapchatters is by far the highest in India. Still, the US comes right after it. This year, there are 144.35 million Indian Snapchat users, while there are 107.95 million American users. This is hardly surprising, given that the app was initially developed stateside, despite becoming immensely popular worldwide shortly after. The majority of users say they see the app as a way to keep in touch with friends and family. France is the third country on the list, but has only 24.7 million users.


Top Countries Based on Snapchat Audience Size as of April 2022

14. Luxembourg has the biggest Snapchat audience reach in the world as of January 2022.

Snapchat statistics by country point to Luxembourg as the nation where the app has the biggest audience reach. For a marketer trying to reach Luxembourg’s audiences of all ages, Snapchat will help you get through to 80.2%. Figures show Saudi Arabia is another country with a high audience reach at 72.2%, followed by Norway and Bahrain with 70.4% and 57.5% respectively. 


15. Snapchat demographics show users spend about 30 minutes daily on average using the app.

Given that the app focuses solely on using visual communication formats, this is an impressive example of Snapchat popularity. A picture takes but a moment to take, maybe a few more to edit and set up exactly as you want, and that should be it. The same goes for videos. It’s important to add that users make three billion snaps every day.

(Influencer Marketing Hub

16. 53.8% of Snapchat’s users are female.

Snapchat user demographics reveal 46.2% of the platform’s users are male. This is similar to several other social media networks and yet another example of interesting demographics about this photo-vanishing social app. Additionally, 2020 data reveals that among 15 to 25-year-olds, 48% are using the app, similar to those between the ages of 26 and 35, 30% of whom are also regular users. Or to put it in perspective: Snapchat is the den of audiences that belong to Generation Z.


17. 25% of American adults say that they ever use Snapchat.

The most recent data on Snapchat user demographics and their preferences mention that YouTube is the #1 most popular app among adult US social media users, with 81% of them admitting to using it. Still, Snapchat is more popular than Twitter, WhatsApp, TikTok, Reddit, and Nextdoor.

(Pew Research)

18. By 2023, the Snapchat user count in the 65+ age group is expected to climb by 4%. 

Snapchat trends typically portray this platform as a go-to for youngsters, but stats indicate that the company’s efforts in targeting older users as a way to enable the app’s future success might be working. Snapchat analysis points to robust growth in the number of older groups. The numbers for the future are also optimistic, as the company expects steady growth by 4% in the 65+ age group throughout 2021, 2022, and 2023. 


Fun Facts About Snapchat

19. Snapchat became a success after its founders failed 34 times before.

There’s such a thing as being willful, and then there’s just plain stubbornness. It would seem Snapchat’s founders were more of the latter, as they suffered an array of failures before coming up with what is today Snapchat. Among the fun facts about the “birth” of this app is that Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel, the creators, suffered 34 failures with other projects before they came up with this universally popular app. 


20. Reggie Brown, the third co-founder of Snapchat, received $158 million in cash to go away.

Among the more intriguing Snapchat facts is that, after being forced out of the company by being denied his stake, the third co-founder of Snapchat, Reggie Brown, sued Murphy and Spiegel in 2014. It turns out Brown agreed to settle for $158 million in cash after he filed a lawsuit against his two former partners in exchange for going away and not causing them any trouble from that point on.

(Business Insider)

21. A person needs 10 years to see all the photos shared on Snapchat in an hour.

And this is only one of the most astonishing facts about Snapchat. After you’ve spent 10 years watching all that was shared in an hour alone, you’d need another 880,000 years to see the photos that would have been shared in the meantime. If you think about it, every time something new is introduced to the app, users go crazy trying it out which explains the 880,000 years needed.

(CEWE Photoworld

22. Back in 2016, Google offered around $30 billion to buy Snap, Inc.

One of the fun facts about Snapchat that was much-rumored but only later publicly confirmed is that in early 2016, Google made a secret offer to Snap, Inc. Back then, both companies had committed to keeping the offer quiet until inside sources confirmed the rumors. The price tag was reportedly around $30 billion. With Snapchat later valued at a lower price, chances are the company has serious regrets about not taking the deal. 

(Business Insider

23. Snapchat communication noted an increase by as much as 50% in areas most impacted by COVID-19. 

Snapchat stats and facts related to the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic reveal this app experienced an over 30% growth in the last week of March, in comparison to the last week of January which is the time when the quarantine was imposed in most of the world. In some countries that were more severely affected by the virus, usage spiked by over 50%. 


24. Snapchat asked some brands for $750,000 a day to advertise on the platform.

When marketing is in question, Snapchat was out of reach for most businesses and influencer marketing agencies. According to adweek’s data, Snapchat had asked certain brands for $750,000 per day to advertise on it. Nevertheless, Snapchat is now more in line with other social media platforms for official advertising rates. 

(Influencer Marketing Hub


How many users does Snapchat have?

In Q1 of 2022, the number of Snapchat daily active users stands at 332 million.


According to the latest Statista’s Snapchat statistics, Snapchat had 332 million daily active users all around the world as of the first quarter of 2022, up from 319 million global daily active users in the last quarter of 2021. That means that this app’s popularity is continuously growing.


What is Snapchat’s largest demographic?

As the App Ape’s data suggest, male monthly users in their 20’s are the most dominant user group on Snapchat, at least in the US. They account for 15.7% of all users as of March 2021, while females of the same age accounted for 15.5%. 


How many millennials use Snapchat?

53% of millennials check Snapchat at least once a day, making this age group the second largest in terms of usage. Snapchat insights further show millennials check Snapchat three times more than Gen Xers and eight times more than baby boomers. The good news for marketers is that 46% of millennials have ad recall after watching 0 to 2 seconds of an ad.

(Agility PR)

What percentage of Snapchat users are under 18?

Snapchat is not only popular with teens but with pre-teens as well. Snapchat statistics show that around 20% of users belong to the 13-17 age group. And that’s not all, females appear to be more fond of snaps and are represented with 11.5%, while only 9.4% of preadolescent males call themselves Snapchatters.

(Data Reportal)

Are Snapchat messages encrypted?

There are several interesting facts about Snapchat in regards to how messages are treated. At the most basic level, Snapchat messages work on timers and are set for one-time viewing before they are made inaccessible (deleted). However, although Snapchat allows messages to be encrypted in transit, there is also the option to encrypt them while at-rest mode on the company’s servers. 



Snapchat has come a long way since it was first introduced and, as these Snapchat statistics show, it is alive and kicking thanks to its unique features and ongoing transformation. Given its popularity among millennials and Gen Zers, it can also be a powerful marketing tool for businesses that are not afraid to explore the power of ephemeral content. 

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