Millennials vs. Gen Z Social Media Usage Statistics

Last updated: 22.03.2023
Author: Florence Desiata

Social media has become an integral part of our daily lives. Billions of people log on to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter daily. 

But as the digital landscape continues to evolve, the preferences and habits of different generations also change. 

Millennials and Gen Z are two groups that have emerged as critical players in the social media world. Each with its unique usage patterns and preferences.

According to Pew Research Center, millennials were born between 1981 and 1996. On the other hand, Generation Z or Gen Z are those born from 1997 onwards. 

In this article, take a closer look at the social media habits of Millennials and Gen Z. Buckle up and dive into Millennials vs. Gen Z social media usage!

Millennials Vs. Gen Z Social Media Usage Statistics (Editor’s Pick)

  • Millennials use Facebook more often at 69% compared to Gen Zers at 37%. (YPulse)
  • 50% of Gen Z people and 44% of Millenials rely on social media as a news source. (Statista)
  • 61% of millennials use social media to contact family and friends. (Sprout Social)
  • Gen Zers are avid users of Tiktok at 69% compared to Millenials at 49%. (YPulse)
  • 75% of Millennials and Gen Zers use Snapchat. (Snapchat)
  • 66% of Gen Zers say social media is essential to their daily lives. (Sprout Social)
  • 54% of Gen Zers use social media four or more hours daily. (Morning Consult)
  • As of 2023, 5.16 Billion people use the internet worldwide. (DataReportal)

Facts About Gen Z & Millennials’ Social Media Usage

  • 69% of Millennials prefer to use Facebook, and only 37% of Gen Zers prefer the platform.

Facebook’s popularity among Millennials remains strong, as 69% use it compared to other social media platforms. In contrast, only 37% of Gen Z users are on Facebook. It is also worth noting that Millennials’ usage of the platform has decreased from 75% in late 2021 to 69% on November 2022.


  • 69% of Gen Zers are big fans of Tiktok, while only 49% of Millennials use it. 

DataTrek Research reported that TikTok had the most significant increase in Google searches in 90 days. TikTok has emerged as a preferred social platform for Gen Z and a sought-after marketing channel for brands targeting the younger generation. 

(Sprout Social)

  • 61% of Millennials use social media to contact family and friends.

Social media usage among Millennials continues to rise as they use it to connect with their friends and family members. 63% have increased their usage over the past year, and 46% expect it to continue to grow in the next three years. Furthermore, a significant 72% consider social media an essential part of their lives, which is the highest percentage compared to all other age groups.

(Sprout Social) 

  • 50% and 44% of Gen Z and Millennials use social media as news sources.

Social media remains a primary source of news and information for Gen Z and Millennials. 50% of Gen Z and 44% of Millennials consume daily news from social media platforms. They also turn to social media platforms for weekly news.


  • 66% of the Gen Z population says social media is integral to their daily lives.

Gen Z is known as the most digitally-savvy generation. With most of their lives spent online, it’s no surprise that social media significantly impacts how they grow up.

This tech-savvy generation is changing the landscape of social media usage. According to a recent survey by Sprout Social, 66% of Gen Z consumers view social media as an integral part of their lives.

(Sprout Social)

  • 75% of millennials and Gen Zers use Snapchat.

According to Snapchat’s internal data for Q3 of 2022, the social media platform reaches 75% of the 13 to 34-year-old population in over 20 countries. This information can be helpful for businesses when considering marketing their products on the said social media platform. 



  • 54% of Gen Zers use social media four or more hours daily. 

54% of Gen Zers said the average time spent on social media is four or more hours daily. Only 4% of Gen Zers use social media for less than one hour daily. In comparison, 20% of U.S. adults report using social media for this duration. 

This data shows that Gen Zers spend longer on social media than the general U.S. adult population.

(Morning Consult)

  • Millennials prefer Instagram stories over other formats on Instagram.

According to user statistics, Instagram stories are the preferred format for millennials compared to other forms available on different platforms. 

A staggering 60% of millennials use Instagram stories. This number makes it the most popular platform for sharing stories among this demographic. 

(Tech Jury)


General Social Media Statistics

  • Around 4.76 billion people use social media around the world.

According to a report from Datareportal, the number of internet users worldwide reached a staggering 4.76 billion at the start of 2023. This number represents 59.4% of the total global population. 


  • Approximately 37% of the global population uses Facebook.

According to DataReportal’s ranking of the world’s most ‘active’ social media platforms, Facebook has secured the top spot with 2.963 billion monthly active users in January 2023.

While data shows that Facebook’s growth is slowing down, the social media platform still maintains an impressive reach, with approximately 37% of all people on Earth using the platform.

(We Are Social)

  • Youtube has 2.514 billion users at the start of 2023. 

YouTube ranks as the world’s second most active social media platform, reaching 31.4% of the global population. This reach makes the platform an essential social media marketing and advertising channel for many businesses worldwide. 


  • East Asia is the region with the highest number of social media users.

East Asia, comprising countries such as China, Japan, and South Korea, stands at the forefront of social media usage, with over 1.2 billion users. This number of users constitutes 14.9% of the world’s population, indicating the region’s significant influence in the digital realm. 


  • Instagram has over 2 Billion, monthly active users.

According to recent reports, Instagram boasts 2 billion monthly active users. This number of users makes the platform a massive market for businesses. Billions of individuals could engage with a brand, making it a staple social media platform for small and huge companies. 

(CNBC, Sprout Social)

Bottom Line

The comparison between Millennials and Gen Z social media usage statistics reveals interesting insights about the two generations’ digital habits.

Gen Z tends to favor newer platforms like TikTok and Instagram over Facebook, which is more prevalent among millennials.  Additionally, the study found that Gen Z is more likely to use social media to engage in activism and express their political views.

Overall, these data suggest that the differences between millennials and Gen Z extend beyond mere age. Each generation has its unique preferences and priorities regarding social media usage. 

As social media continues to evolve and shape our society, it will be fascinating to see how these trends develop. It can also show how future generations will differ in digital habits and attitudes.