Top 7 Methods To Find Someone On Instagram Without Their Username

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Updated: September, 14, 2023

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With more than 2.3 billion monthly users, it is easy to find someone on Instagram using the app’s adaptive search feature. 

Simply enter a person’s name or Instagram username in the search bar. Their Instagram profile will appear in the results.

However, this does not work every time. Fortunately, this guide will discuss all possible methods to find people on Instagram without their handle. Read on. 

📝 Note: We’ve also written in-depth guides on how to find someone on Facebook.  

Looking For Someone On Instagram Without Their Username

Instagram’s built-in search feature works well if the name or username is unique. However, it is not feasible for common ones. The platform also sets limits on search results, giving priority to verified accounts. 

If the person has common details and they are far below the algorithm’s priority results, you may not see the profile you’re looking for. 

Here are other ways to find someone on Instagram without their name or handle: 

With 500 million daily Instagram users, many create their accounts through phone number verification. This can also apply to the person you’re looking for.

All you must do is connect your contact list to Instagram. This allows the app to give you “follow” suggestions of people based on your contacts. 

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open the Instagram app.
  2. Tap the profile icon (your profile picture) on the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Next to Discover People, click See All.
  4. Tap on Connect next to Connect Contacts
  5. Give the app permission to connect contacts.
📝 Note: If the Connect option is unavailable, your contact list is already linked to your Instagram account.

Scroll through the suggested people to find the person you’re looking for. Make sure to add their phone number to your contacts.

Method 2: Check Mutual Followers/Following

Another technique to find someone is to look at a mutual friend’s follower/following list. With billions of people having Instagram accounts, you and the target person may have at least one mutual friend

To do this, you must:

  1. Go to a possible mutual friend’s profile by tapping on their name or avatar.
  2. Tap on either their Followers and Following number display. You should see the list of their followers/following.
  3. Do an Instagram search by tapping on the search bar or manually scrolling to find the person.

Method 3: Search Through Facebook Friends

The person you’re looking for may already be your Facebook friend. In this case, it’s best to use the other platform for the search. 

You can link your Facebook account the same way you connected your contacts to your Instagram. Here’s how:

  1. Open Instagram.
  2. Tap on the profile icon.
  3. Next to Discover People, tap on See All.
  4. Tap on Connect next to Connect to Facebook.

If you do not see the Connect option in Step 4, it means your Facebook is already connected to your Instagram.

You can also check their Facebook profile. Some people usually share their social media handles in their bios.

Method 4: View Mutual’s Likes And Comments

This technique seems stalker-like but plausible. 

Around 7 in 10 Instagram users post photos, reels, and stories regularly. This means there’s a chance that your target person is interacting with a mutual friend’s post.

Simply check on your common friend’s posts, then scour through the comments and reactions.

Method 5: Search Through Hashtags And Location

Consider this method a last resort. You can find people on Instagram by filtering posts by location or searching through the most popular hashtags.

Here’s how to filter by location:

1. Tap on the magnifying glass to begin an Instagram search.

2. Enter the name of the city or location and submit.

3. Tap on Places to filter posts by location.


4. Choose Top to filter the most popular posts or Recent for the newest posts.

This method only works if the Instagram account you’re looking for is not private and has a lot of posts.

Searching by location might not be the best idea, but it is still worth a try if all else fails. However, remember that this only works on Instagram’s mobile app. 

Using hashtags has the same process and amount of probability. You must also scan hundreds of posts, given that they used the hashtag you’re searching for.


Some Google Search “tricks” may help you find someone on Instagram without their username.

If the name search did not work on Instagram, try it on Google. Add quotation marks on the keyword to tell Google to look for what’s exactly written on the search bar


You can also add before the name to filter results from Instagram.


If you have one of their photos, try doing a reverse image search on Google. Just hit the camera icon and upload the image.

📝 Note: This method can also be effective for how to find someone’s dating profile.

Method 7: Try People Search Tools

Reliable people search tools are convenient when finding someone with limited information. These third-party services provide comprehensive reports that present information about the target person, even their social media profiles.

Here are some people search tools you can use:


BeenVerified is a people search tool with millions of listings in its database, making it one of the best background check platforms in the market. It can provide reports about someone’s personal and contact information, properties, and social media accounts.

Here’s how to use BeenVerified:

1. Go to the BeenVerified website.

2. Depending on the available information, you can search through name, phone number, email, address, and vehicle information.


3. From the search results, find the listing that best matches the person you’re looking for. 

4. Click View Report.

You can access the full report by signing up for a monthly BeenVerified membership worth $26.89. They also offer a quarter plan worth $17.48 monthly

Social Catfish

Social Catfish is primarily known for social media searches. This tool is mostly used to investigate online dating matches. 

It also offers a reverse image search feature on top of the usual search parameters. Here’s how to start using Social Catfish:

  1. Go to Social Catfish on your browser.
  2. Choose the search parameters based on what information you have in hand.


  1. Find the listing that best matches the target person. 
  2. Click See Complete Results.

The charge depends on what lookup feature you want to utilize. It usually ranges from $24.95 to $79.95. 


TruthFinder collects and presents individual reports that contain basic information, criminal records, and social media presence. The site boasts millions of listings in its database and unlimited searches.

Here’s how to use TruthFinder:

1. Visit the TruthFinder website.

2. Search by name or other information such as email, phone number, and address.


3. Choose the listing you’re looking for and click Open Report.


Finding someone on Instagram should not be challenging since the platform itself is meant for social interactions. 

You should find people on Instagram using the techniques above. However, remember that those options won’t work if the user has blocked you or if the account is private.


Can you see old Instagram usernames?

No, but you can see the number of times people changed their usernames. While on someone’s profile, tap the three-dot icon on the top-right. Tap About This Account.

Can someone find me on Instagram if I change my username?

No, they won’t be able to locate your Instagram profile if they are using the old username. However, Instagram allows searches using names. This means people can still look for you using this information.