Twitter as a News Source: How Many People Come To Twitter For News

Written by: Lorie Tonogbanua

Updated: March, 28, 2023

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People use Twitter for many reasons, and it’s the fourth most visited platform online, and users spend around 34.8 minutes on the app. 69% of Twitter users admit that one of the main reasons why they prefer Twitter over other platforms is to stay informed about events. Whether politics, sports, technology, health, or the latest general news. Twitter has become home to relevant sources of information.

This article will cover the analytics of how many people use Twitter for news coverage and why Twitter is the latest news source.

What is Twitter and How Many People Use it for News

Twitter is a social media platform introduced in 2006 as a micro-blogging service that lets users send 140-character entries, or “tweets,” to other users through following.

Twitter usage grew from 20,000 to 60,000 tweets per day, which led to an increase in its 

popularity. With roughly 330 million active users as of 2021

Even though Twitter now allows users to use 280 characters in a single tweet, it still prefers brief messages that are direct to the point.

News Usage of Twitter Users

According to Pew Research Center’s 2021 survey, 23% of adult users from the U.S. use Twitter as a news source. Most of these users are young adults with higher education and income levels.

It is worth remembering that the percentage of individuals using Twitter as a news source varies depending on age, gender, location, and personal interest.

How Many People are Turning to Twitter as Their Primary Source of News Information and Discussion

According to the surveys of YouGov, Sparkler, and Pew Research Center, here are the statistical data of Twitter users and what they do with and about news on the platform

  • 94% of users expressed interest in current events.
  • 85% of users watch, read, or listen to the news at least once daily.
  • 83% of users Tweet about the news.
  • 80% of young adult journalists (ages 18-29) use Twitter to source and publish stories.
  • 75% of users come to Twitter for news and follow news about politics and other current events.
  • 69% of American users use Twitter to get new information from the platform.
  • 62% of users say, “Twitter helps me find new news outlets to follow.”
  • 60% of users say they followed an account related to national news
  • 55% of users get their news from Twitter, more than other social media platforms.
  • 55% of users say they followed an account related to local news
  • 50% of users say they followed an account about international news
  • 50% of users say they followed a journalist on social media
  • 3 in 4 users open or check the platform for news headlines at least once daily.
  • In the first half of 2022, there were 4.6B Tweets about news in the US (#1) and 10.4B Tweets about news globally (#2)

What Makes Twitter the Go-to Place for Breaking News?

Twitter has become the go-to place for breaking news for users, journalists, and news platforms due to several factors, including:

  • Speed – Twitter is fast and efficient in spreading information. As soon as something happens, people quickly share breaking news on Twitter, making it one of the fastest platforms for sharing news.
  • Accessibility – Twitter is accessible to anyone with an internet connection, and it is free to use. This means that news can be shared quickly and easily, and anyone can follow breaking news without barriers.
  • A diverse range of sources – Twitter provides various sources for breaking news, including journalists, eyewitnesses, and organizations. Users can get different perspectives and viewpoints on the same event, which can help them form a more comprehensive understanding of the situation.
  • Hashtags – Twitter uses hashtags to categorize tweets and make it easier to find relevant content and follow breaking news, as users can use hashtags to track updates on specific events.
  • Real-time updates – Twitter is designed for real-time updates, making it perfect for breaking news. Users can receive updates as they happen, providing a continuous flow of information on the event.
  • Gathering information – Twitter is a valuable source of information. It provides platforms for experts, witnesses, and others to share their perspectives or insights about specific topics.
  • Engaging with users – users can use Twitter to engage with others, share their report updates, and ask for feedback about stories from other users.

Twitter’s ability to quickly disseminate information and connect people worldwide has made it a valuable tool for journalists, news organizations, and individuals seeking to stay informed.

The Impact of Twitter on Traditional News Outlets

Twitter new changed the field of traditional news outlets. It transformed the landscape of news coverage and the ways news is reported, consumed, and distributed. Twitter established five critical values to news information:

  1. Real-time reporting – news stories can be tweeted and shared instantly on the platform.
  2. Citizen journalism – ordinary people can share their opinions and add personal accounts to news stories as they happen.
  3. Global reach – news stories can reach larger audiences than traditional news outlets. News can travel faster through twitters international distance.
  4. Audience engagement – news organizations can quickly share their content and ask users for feedback and opinion, gaining credibility with a more personal and interactive approach on the platform.
  5. Amplification – stories and news information can quickly go viral through users’ retweets, likes, and tweets. Viral stories gain traction faster than other news platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Twitter best for news?

Twitter helps users learn and know about the latest news.

How many people are using Twitter right now?

450 million monthly active users as of 2023.

Is Twitter a source of news?

Yes, but find credible sources to gather information.

How does Twitter help with news content?

Twitter facilitates new news content and journalists to share and learn about current events.

How has Twitter changed news content?

Through interactive commenting between authors and users to social commentaries about the latest news.

Conclusion: Twitter Changed the Landscape For News Coverage

Twitter has fundamentally changed how news is reported, consumed, and distributed. They are providing new opportunities for users, news platforms, and journalists to use the app as a source.

It is worth noting that Twitter can be a valuable space to gather information, but users must still fact-check and verify the information they read through multiple sources. Algorithms and user biases power the Twitter feed. Users like us must navigate to find trusted accounts and credible sources to remain relevant and stay on top of information.


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