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Updated: August, 31, 2023

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With over 186,000 customers globally, is a popular project management tool that helps teams stay connected and organized. 

Its features help users plan, monitor, and execute projects efficiently. The platform has pricing plans for all team sizes. 

Individual users can enjoy the Free Plan and use limited features. Small companies with sizable employees are given subscriptions ranging from Essential to Premium—the more seats, the higher the cost will be. 

Read on to learn more about’s promo codes, special discounts, and price discounts on payment billings.

🔑 Key Takeaways

  • offers promo codes and discounts to help users save on subscriptions.
  • Different promo codes include special offers for startups, annual subscription discounts, standard plan discounts, and student and education discounts.
  • Subscribing annually to provides additional savings and convenience.
  • Users should regularly check’s website and social media channels for the latest promo codes and discounts.
  • Promo codes may change or expire, so staying updated ensures users can take advantage of current offers.

Does Offer Promo Codes?

Yes, offers promo codes and discounts to its users, but only a few may work or be valid.

When this happens, offers new promo codes depending on terms and conditions. Aside from promo codes, they also offer discounts. 

These help users save money on their subscriptions. For example, a free plan for up to two users is an excellent option for small businesses or individuals.

For bigger companies, a paid subscription suits better them better. Paid plans offer more features for companies to execute and plan effectively.

Know which promo codes and discounts suit your need and your business by scrolling below.

Helpful Article: Websites like is beneficial for companies running day-to-day operations. It helps in business management and effective time management. Coupon Code: 10% Off Your First Subscription offers a special discount to first-time subscribers. Users can avail of a 10% discount with the promo code “Hellomonday” at checkout.

This promo is helpful for those who want to try’s premium features before committing to long-term subscriptions.

Fun Fact: offers webinars to users to improve their experience on the platform. These include live videos, demo recordings, and learning through different languages.

Special Discount For Startups

Startups have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of special discounts given by The platform offers this discount only to small businesses and startups with a maximum of 30 employees.

Small businesses or startups must answer and submit this form to avail of the offer. If they qualify, they will receive a 20% discount on their first year of a yearly subscription. 

By offering valuable savings such as discounts to small businesses, supports startups, boosting its brand image and attracting new users.

Fun Fact: Small businesses in the US start with less than $5,000 in funding. This gives them a tight budget for handling or financing essential business functions. 

10 Seats Standard plan for $100/month

10 seats equate to 10 people. This plan provides an affordable option for small to medium-sized teams that needs a reliable project management app. 

For this seating plan, an annual subscription discount rate is 18%.

Fun Fact:, formerly known as “daPulse,” rebranded in 2017 to create a more positive and empowering experience, shedding the negative associations often associated with Mondays.

Special Discounts for Students

Students and educators need more financial resources and may need help paying the total price. 

As a result, offers discounts for students and educators as long as they are enrolled in an accredited university or college.

Through this, can make its services accessible to the users of the education sector. To avail of this discount, students and educators must answer and submit to form to

Helpful Article: 81% of US college students reported improved academic performance using digital learning technology. These include management systems for projects and activities, which offers.

Annual Subscription Discount

Like any other app or subscription platform, discounts when users subscribe annually. Longer subscriptions provide stable income and increased app retention. 

Annual subscriptions also offer convenience, peace of mind, and no worry about subscription expiration, eliminating monthly renewals and saving money. occasionally offers promo codes and coupons, which may change or expire. Regularly check their website for updates to avail of these promotions.

Helpful Article: employs marketing techniques that focus on its clients. Statistics show that 98% of marketers use brand awareness, leading to a 23% revenue increase. 

How to redeem a Promo Code?

You’ll need to input the special voucher during checkout when redeeming a promo code on 

The discount is automatically applied to the total price.

To know the step-by-step process to redeem a promo code, check the instructions below:

Step 1: Log in or Sign up at

Step 2. Click the profile icon, then select the upgrade button.


Step 3. Select the plan you want to subscribe to and set your team size.

Step 4. After selecting the plan and setting the number of team members, click continue.

click continue

Step 5. Choose the “Enter coupon code” link. Type in your promo code, then click “Apply.”

Step 6. It will then reflect the discount on your subscription. Then click submit purchase.

click submit purchase

If the platform does not validate your discount code, contact’s support team for assistance.

Final Thoughts offers promo codes but with certain limitations. Discount and promo codes also vary in business, purpose, and availability.

Users availing of these promos can save money and time when managing teams and groups. Allowing them to experience better management through’s premium features.

If you wish to avail their promo, discounts, and special offers, visit their website and social media to know the latest updates.


How does make money? makes money by offering paid subscriptions to its users. It also provides various add-ons and integrations that can be purchased separately.

How many times does offer online coupons?

It offers online coupons and promo codes regularly. However, these offers may change or expire, so checking the website for the latest deals is essential.

Where can I find coupons?

You can find coupons and promo codes on their Twitter account and various coupon websites. Be sure to check the validity of the coupons before using them.