The Ultimate Guide to What is Not Allowed on Facebook Marketplace

Written by: Lorie Tonogbanua

Updated: March, 28, 2023

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Since the lockdown and the event of Covid-19, online marketing platforms have risen in demand. Facebook has also joined this buying and selling ranks through its platform, and many of its users are jumping on the bandwagon of online selling.

If you plan to drop-ship or set up a Facebook shop, here’s a quick start guide to help you with what is not allowed on Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Rules and Regulation

Facebook Marketplace is an online platform that allows users to buy and sell items locally. It is a convenient way to connect buyers and sellers in a secure environment, and it is free to use. 

The rules and regulations of Facebook Marketplace are designed to ensure a safe and secure environment for users. In addition, all buyers and sellers must comply with applicable laws when using Facebook Marketplace.

Facebook Marketplace Commerce Rules 

Facebook has established rules and requirements for Marketplace commerce. These rules will also help in improving quality and standards of operation. The rules are

  1. Only sell physical items: Digital products, services, and rentals are prohibited.
  2. Follow community standards: Items posted must comply with Facebook’s Community Standards.
  3. Use accurate product descriptions: All product descriptions and images must accurately reflect the item listed.
  4. Set fair prices: Prices should reflect condition, age, and market value. 
  5. Follow local laws and regulations: Sellers must comply with all laws and regulations related to selling their items, including taxes, permits, and licenses. 
  6. Don’t discriminate: Sellers cannot discriminate against buyers based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or other protected characteristics. 
  7. Be responsive and reliable: Sellers should promptly respond to potential buyers’ inquiries and messages and fulfill their orders.
  8. Don’t spam or engage in fraudulent activities: Sellers cannot engage in spamming, phishing, or any other fraudulent activity on Facebook Marketplace. 

Failure to follow these rules and requirements may result in the removal of listings, suspension or termination of access to Facebook Marketplace, or other penalties.

Requirements for Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace

To use Facebook Marketplace, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Age: You must be at least 18 years old.
  2. Facebook Account: You need to have a Facebook account in good standing. If your account has been suspended or restricted, you may be unable to access Marketplace.
  3. Location: Facebook Marketplace is not available in all countries. It would be best to be located in a region where Facebook Marketplace is open.
  4. Communication: You must respond to potential buyers‘ messages and inquiries and complete transactions promptly and professionally.
  5. Payment: You must be able to accept payment through one of Facebook’s approved payment methods, which may include Facebook Pay, PayPal, or other payment services.

Note that Facebook reserves the right to remove any listing or suspend your account if you violate their policies or engage in prohibited behavior. So be wary of these requirements and review their policies now and then.

Facebook Marketplace has specific guidelines regarding what items are prohibited from being sold or listed. These guidelines vary by region, and reviewing your area’s policies is essential. Here are some general items that are typically prohibited on Facebook Marketplace:

    • Illegal products: prescription, recreational drugs, and other drug-related paraphernalia. 
    • Adult products: pornographic materials, toys, enhancement products, and items that show nudity.
    • Products that promote hate, violence, and terrorism: This includes discriminating or incriminating items.
    • Tobacco and related products: cigarettes, e-cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, items related to smoking, and tobacco use. This also includes nicotine patches or gum.
    • Prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications: This includes supplements not regulated by drug agencies.
    • Alcoholic drinks: beer, wine, and other spirits
    • Animals such as pets, livestock adoption services: This also includes any parts of an animal, such as skin, pelts, or fur. However, selling products for animals, such as cages, accessories, and grooming items, is allowed.
    • Healthcare-related items: medical devices and other medical-related items such as contact lenses, bandages, braces, thermometers, testing kits, and first-aid kits.
    • Body parts: except for wigs and hair extensions.
    • Items that violate the intellectual property, counterfeit products, and fraudulent items.
    • Personal health items: This includes pictures of “before-and-after” diet supplements.
    • Items promoting and facilitating gambling activities: lotteries or casino items.
    • Ammunition and firearms: explosives, fireworks, pepper spray, 3D printed firearm parts manufacturing.
    • Historical artifact: except for items encouraging education or discussion about historical artifacts and or if the artifacts are for fictional or documentary context.
    • Selling unauthorized or illegal use of digital media content: Netflix, Spotify, and other paid subscriptions, or items that interfere with electronic device use.
    • Documents, Currency, or Financial Products: counterfeit money, fake documents, products only banks offer, and virtual currency.
    • Job listing opportunities: illicit business models.
  • Stolen items
  • Used Cosmetics: cosmetics that have no original packaging and are opened.
  • Tickets: concerts, music festivals, transit, airline, museum, sporting events, cruises, and parks.
  • Gift cards: electronic or physical gift cards and vouchers.

It is essential to review your region’s Facebook guidelines before listing any item for sale on Marketplace. Violating these guidelines could result in your account being suspended or even permanently banned from the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is selling items on Facebook Marketplace worth it?

Yes. Facebook Marketplace is an excellent place to sell regular household items like furniture, cleaning supplies, and trendy items. These kinds of goods will always be in demand.

2. How do you get paid on Facebook Marketplace?

You get paid through the Marketplace by successfully selling items and setting up bank details to link to your payment. Your payout goes to the bank details you entered when setting up shipping details for your shop.

3. How much does it cost to sell items on Facebook Marketplace?

A selling fee of usually 5% is charged per shipment or a flat rate of $0.40 per shipment of $8.00 or less.

4. What is the safest payment option for buyers and sellers on Facebook Marketplace?

Paypal and Gpay. 

5. Will my Facebook friends see what I sell on my Marketplace Shop?

You can choose to hide your items for sale during the listing.

6. In Facebook Marketplace, who shoulders the shipping fee?

Either the buyer or the seller, depending on the item listing.

7. How do I entice more buyers to my listing?

Boost your listing through paid advertisements, renew your listings, post to local or non-local communities, and take good-quality photos of your listings.

Final Words: Is Facebook Marketplace The New Business Venture?

Selling on the Facebook marketplace can be an excellent business venture for those interested in selling products. With over 2 billion active users online, Facebook provides a large customer base, and the Marketplace feature allows individuals and businesses to sell items directly to users within their local area. However, earning from selling items will still depend on your products and marketing efforts.  

Facebook Marketplace can be a viable business opportunity for those willing to invest the time and effort to establish and maintain a successful online store.


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