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UX Architect – Detailed Job Description & Salary Info

Last updated: 05.08.2022
Author: Marko

If you’re interested to discover all there is to know about the UX architect role, you’ve come to the right place. Our article will introduce you to the basics of what a user experience architect does, the responsibilities that come with this job, what skills are necessary for this profession, how much is their salary, and how UX architects can help your business.

What Does a UX Architect Do?

A user experience architect is responsible for designing amazing user experiences. They work with teams of engineers, product managers, and other designers to make sure that the end user’s needs are always considered in the product development process. To do that, they’re often involved in interviewing and surveying users about their needs so the team can create prototypes from those findings before moving on to wireframes or any other stages of design necessary when developing products.

UX Architect vs UX Designer

Wondering about the difference between a UX architect and a UX designer? Both roles are important for creating a great user experience, but they have different focuses. The user experience architect is responsible for designing the information architecture and high-level user flows of an app or website. They create the skeleton that other designers will then flesh out. A UX designer is responsible for designing all of the visual elements of an app or website – from buttons and icons to typography and layout.

User Experience Architect vs UX Analyst

Both roles are necessary for creating a seamless and effective user experience, and therefore such specialists are often employed in UX design agencies, but they have different responsibilities. The user experience architect is responsible for the big-picture view of the user experience, while the UX analyst focuses on specific tasks and data analysis.

List of UX Architect Responsibilities

As a user experience architect, it’s important to be aware of the responsibilities that come with the job. The following are some of the most important duties:

  1. Defining the user experience strategy and vision for the product;
  2. Creating user flows, wireframes, and prototypes; 
  3. Conducting user research and usability testing; 
  4. Guiding teams through the design process; 
  5. Delivering final designs and ensuring they’re implemented correctly.

UX Architect Skills

As a user experience architect, it’s important to have the right skill set to create amazing user experiences. Here are some of the most essential qualities you need to be successful in this field: 

  1. Strong visualization skills; 
  2. Excellent communication and collaboration skills; 
  3. Proven experience with user research; 
  4. Knowledge of information architecture principles; 
  5. Proficiency in relevant software tools.

User Experience Architect Educational Requirements

If you’re interested in becoming a UX architect, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. To qualify for this profession, you need a bachelor’s degree in human-computer interaction or related fields like web design and programming languages. You should also have at least three years of relevant work experience. 

How Much Does a User Experience Architect Make?

The latest UX statistics reveal that the average user experience architect salary stateside is $97,099, but the salary range usually falls somewhere between $87,735 and $105,746.

Is User Experience Architect a Good Career?

Since user experience is one of the most rapidly growing fields in the world, there’s no better time to jump in and make your mark as a UX architect. You’ll be able to help shape how people interact with technology — and that’s something that will always be in demand. Naturally, the remuneration also makes this a good career option.

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