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Updated: January, 7, 2023

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For those unfamiliar with it, Twitch is a streaming service for gamers that was acquired by Amazon in 2014 for $970 million. Since then, it has become one of the most popular streaming services, boasting over 100 million active users. There are two ways to make money streaming on Twitch: as an affiliate or a partner. Which is better though? Join us, as we explore the Twitch affiliate vs partner battle.

The Difference Between Affiliate and Partner on Twitch

Both statuses come with certain benefits that can help a streamer monetize their channel, but they each have different requirements. The difference between Twitch partner and affiliate is also visible in various perks.

In a nutshell, Twitch partners are more established streamers who have met higher follower and viewership thresholds. Partners receive a number of benefits, including access to premium features on the platform and higher revenue shares from Twitch’s ad and subscription programs.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner Requirements

The difference between Twitch affiliate and partner starts with the requirements for each status. To become a Twitch partner, within the last 30 days you must: 

  • Have concurrent viewership of 75 viewers
  • Stream at least 12 different times 
  • Have at least 25 hours of streaming. 

Becoming a Twitch affiliate is a bit different. The requirements for this, also over the last 30 days are:

  • A minimum of 500 total minutes broadcast 
  • A minimum of seven unique broadcast days 
  • An average of three concurrent viewers 
  • At least 50 followers.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner Benefits & Payouts 

Now that we have the requirements out of the way, let’s see what you get in return for being a Twitch partner vs affiliate

Twitch Affiliate Benefits

Being an affiliate on Twitch comes with some amazing perks. For starters, all affiliates get 14 days of VOD storage. That means that if one of your viewers misses your stream, they can go back and watch it at their convenience. And if you’re a Twitch Prime member, you get even more VOD storage! Affiliates can also create polls and channel point incentives for their viewers. These are great ways to engage your viewers and keep them coming back for more.

The downside to all this is that you can lose your Twitch affiliate status. The most common ways for that to happen are account inactivity, breaking the Terms of Services, or simultaneously streaming on another platform.

Twitch Partner Benefits

The benefits of being a Twitch partner are similar, but partners get full access to Transcode options, 60 days of VOD storage, up to 60 emotes, stream delay options, and squad streaming options. Also, they can use a self-service emote tool, create stream teams, and have special priority customer service.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner Payout

Being a Twitch Partner seems like it would be a pretty sweet deal, and in some ways, it is. According to CNBC, Partners earn $250 monthly per 100 subscribers. 

However, this number can fluctuate quite a bit, depending on things like how many people are actually watching your channel (and therefore seeing the ads) and whether or not they’re using Adblock — since Twitch makes its money primarily through advertisements, this can have a big impact on how much revenue a partner generates.

When it comes to the Twitch affiliate payout, if an account balance is over $100 or more, the payment will be 15 days after the end of the month for the current account balance.

Twitch Affiliate vs Partner Revenue

As an affiliate, you can earn Twitch affiliate ad revenue on your channel through Bits and ads. With Bits, you’ll receive 1 cent per Bit used to Cheer in your channel, just like Partners do. Everything but Partner Custom Cheermotes will be accessible to you.

In addition, you’ll earn revenue from all video ads shown on your channel. This includes pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads. Plus, you will be able to have the ability to run ad breaks making revenue before and after your streams as well as during natural breaks. An Affiliate is eligible for payout when the pre-taxed accrued revenue balance gets to $100.

Twitch partners meanwhile get revenue from channel subscriptions and emotes, as well as Bits and ads. 

Twitch stats further show that the platform currently offers a 50/50 Twitch partner revenue split, this is not much compared to YouTube, which gives 70/30 to the creators, and FB which announced the rise to 100%. 

The Bottom Line

Twitch affiliate vs partner — what’s the difference? The main distinction between affiliates and partners is that partners get a cut of the advertising revenue generated on their channel. This can be a great incentive to produce high-quality content for your viewers, as you know that every view could mean money in your pocket. If you think you have what it takes to become a Twitch partner, head over to the application page and start filling out the form. It’s never too late to start building your brand and making some money in the process! 


What is the difference between twitch affiliate vs partner payout?

The main difference between Twitch affiliate and Twitch partner payout is that partners receive a higher percentage of the total revenue. Both affiliates and partners can sell merchandise through Twitch’s Turbo program, which allows creators to sell products and keep 100% of the revenue. Partners also have access to advertising opportunities that can generate revenue. 

What is the difference between Twitch affiliate and partner requirements?

To become an Affiliate, you must have at least 50 followers and have streamed for at least four hours in the last month. To become a partner, you must meet various requirements such as having an average concurrent viewership of 500 viewers or more over the last 30 days. 

What are the benefits of being a Twitch partner?

Twitch partners receive multiple benefits, including priority customer support, custom emotes, and ad sharing. They also have access to more features, such as subscriber-only chat rooms and exclusive videos. Additionally, partners can sell merchandise through the Twitch store, which gives them a cut of the profits. Finally, partners are featured more prominently on the Twitch website and in search results.

What are the benefits of being a Twitch affiliate?

The main benefit of being an affiliate is that you can make money from your streams. Affiliates can earn income from bits, subscriptions, and game sales. In addition, affiliates receive a cut of the revenue generated by ads that run on their channel.

Affiliates have access to some features that partners don’t have. Those are mostly geared towards helping streamers grow their channels and connect with fans. For example, affiliates can use the “subscribe” button to allow viewers to subscribe to their channel without leaving Twitch. They can also use the “host” feature to invite other broadcasters to join their stream.

Do Twitch partners get paid more than affiliates?

There is no difference in the amount of money that Twitch partners and affiliates could earn. Both groups receive a cut of the revenue generated by ads that run on their channel. The Twitch affiliate vs partner comparison, however, shows that partners have access to more tools that help them grow their brand and audience, while affiliates have access to features that help them make money from their streams.