How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Story

Written by: Branka

Updated: January, 9, 2023

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Anyone who’s ever used Instagram knows that stories are one of its most compelling features, allowing you to share glimpses of your life with your friends and followers. And naturally, any information on how people interact with your stories is essential for perfecting your content, regardless of whether you are promoting your brand or just showcasing your life. That’s why we’ll now discuss how to see who shared your Instagram story and whether that’s possible to begin with. 

Can You See Who Shared Your Instagram Story?

Up to 61% of Instagrammers use stories to see what their friends are up to and that includes sharing. But is it even possible to know who shared your story? Unfortunately, the answer’s not a simple yes or no. You can only see who shared your Instagram post to their stories if you have a business or creator account. These accounts give you access to content insights, which can tell you a lot about who is engaging with your Instagram posts, reels, and stories.

Keep in mind that if there is a story that you just posted and switched your personal account to business, you will still not be able to see Insights into the old stories. You will only be able to see the Insights for those stories that you have posted after changing the account settings to business. 

How to See Who Shared Your Story on Instagram

A lot of information about your content’s performance on Instagram comes from the Insights tab on your business/creator account. This is how to see how many shares on an Instagram story you have:

  1. To see the Analytics, go to your story. 
  2. Tap Analytics in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select ‘View Insights’
  4. Select ‘Story Viewers’ 
  5. A list will appear with all the people that have watched as well as the number of them that have shared it.

And that’s all there is to it. As we noted above, you need to have a business/creator account to get access to that information. 

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How to Find Out Who Shared Your Instagram Story Without a Business Account 

Currently, there is no way of seeing precisely who sent or shared your story unless they have tagged you in the process in which case you will receive a notification in your DMs.

Finding out who shared your Insta story without the business account might turn out to be a bit of a cat and mouse game or proper spy work. If the curiosity peaks, you might check the view order and go to every viewer’s profile, or if they are too many, the ones that are more likely to have shared your story. Maybe you will see your story shared on theirs or turned into a post. This might be an easy solution if you don’t have a ton of followers or you have an inkling of where to look.

In Conclusion

Getting information on who shared your Instagram story is currently a tricky process. Still, if you’re properly motivated, there are ways to go about it, even if you don’t have a business account. 

How to See Who Shared Your Instagram Story FAQs 

Does Instagram notify when you share a story?

If you tag a person whose story you have shared, they will receive a notification in their inbox. If you haven’t tagged them they will not know you have shared the story, unless they visit your profile.

Why can’t people share my Instagram story?

If your account is set to ‘private’ others won’t be able to share your content.

Can you see if someone sends your Instagram story?

That is a no. You cannot see who sent your story. Even if you know how to see who shared your Instagram story with a business account, currently it is not possible to see if someone sends it.