How to Hide a Story From Someone on Instagram

Written by: Branka

Updated: January, 9, 2023

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Insta stories are always a great idea when you want to share a moment but don’t want it to be engraved forever on your feed. But say you have a large following ranging from your aunt to your boss. Not every piece of content is for everyone. Are you worried about someone seeing a story on Instagram that you don’t want them to see? That’s why we will show you how to hide a story from someone on Instagram. Keep reading to learn more!

How to Hide Stories on Instagram

With nearly 90% of Instagrammers posting stories, it makes sense that some of those would occasionally like to hide a story or stories from some of their followers. Fortunately, the process is really straightforward. So, here’s what you need to do to hide your Instagram story from someone

  1. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  2. Tap the menu at the top right and select “Settings”. 
  3. Tap on “Privacy” and then “Stories”.
  4. Find “Hide Story from”.
  5. If you haven’t done this before you will see a ‘0 people’ written, click on that.
  6. A list will show up where you can search for the specific people you want to hide the story from.
  7. Select their username, and they will no longer be able to view your stories until you reverse the process.

Remember that this setting refers only to your stories and won’t prevent someone from looking at your profile and seeing your posts. 

How to Hide Highlights on Instagram From Someone

Hiding highlights entails using pretty much the same process. Through the settings menu, you can use the ‘Hide Story from’ option.

Alternatively, you can make a private story on Instagram and make sure only certain people see your stories and highlights.

How to Block Someone From Seeing Your Story

Blocking someone from seeing your story can be done by hiding your story in one of two ways already described, or by entirely blocking their account altogether. They will not be able to view your story, nor will they be able to access your profile, send you direct messages, or even find you listed on Instagram.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, hiding your stories on Instagram is a piece of cake. Now that you know how to hide Instagram stories, you don’t need to worry if your godmother is going to be counting your cocktails or about nosy acquaintances.  

FAQs on How to Hide a Story From Someone on Instagram

Can you block someone from seeing your Instagram story? 

Yes, you can both hide your story from someone and limit their viewing options, in which case they will see your profile and posts but not your stories. Or you can block them completely in which case they will not be able to see any of your content or your profile.

Will a person know if I hide my story on Instagram from them?

No, they will not know that you have hidden the story unless someone tells them about it and they try to view it. However, if they are fully blocked, they might notice that your profile is gone from their view. 

Can you block someone from seeing your highlights on Instagram? 

Yes, and if you know how to hide a story from someone on Instagram, you can apply the same process. Follow the instructions for hiding a story and it will work on the highlights feature as well.