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FTUE — First-Time User Experience

Last updated: 26.05.2022
Author: Marko

Creating a great FTUE is essential for any business. If you’re not focused on making new users feel at home, that is going to hurt your business growth going forward. That’s why we decided to share some tips on how to make your users feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they start using your product.

What is FTUE?

FTUE is a process that helps you create an amazing experience for your users when they first start interacting with your product. A positive first-time experience with a product can result in repeat customers and referrals which are among the top ways to generate quality leads.

Alternatively, a negative one can cause people to never use your product or service again, or even worse, complain about it and deter others. That’s why it’s so important to make sure every step of the process is smooth and easy for your new users because that will set the tone for their entire relationship with your company.

Why is first-time user experience important for user retention rate?

The user retention rate is one of the most important UX metrics that shows how many users return to an app or service at least once a day during a certain time after their first use. This number is very important because it can indicate the overall health of an app or service.

The FTUE meaning for the user retention process is huge, so it’s no wonder the top UX design agencies put an emphasis on it. If users don’t have a good experience when they first sign up, they are more likely to leave and never come back. That’s why it’s important to focus on enhancing the experience for first-timers because it can help you improve your overall business metrics. By making it easier for users to sign up and get started, you can keep them engaged and increase the chances that they will stick around for longer.

Five First-Time User Experience Best Practices

Improving the experience for first-time users doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. With just a little effort, you can create an engaging and intuitive interface that will make newcomers feel welcome and appreciated. Here are five practices that we recommend to help improve your FTUE.

1. Make it easy for users to create an account and sign up

Creating an account and signing up should be easy and straightforward. You should have a variety of options (including existing accounts with other apps/services) so that first-time users can choose the one that’s best and easiest for them. 

2. Show them what they need to do next

Now that they’ve registered, first-time users need to do some things to get started. That’s why you should help to make the process as easy as possible for your clients.

3. Guide them through your product or service

You need to create a guide to help them through the process of using your product or service for the first time. It should be packed with useful information and tips that will make things enjoyable and smooth for the first-time user.

4. Help them find what they’re looking for

In order to improve the first-time user experience, your search bar should be designed to make it easy for your customers to find the product or service they are looking for as quickly and simply as possible.

5. Keep track of their progress and offer support if needed

You should be able to keep track of your customer’s progress like a pro. To know what they’re up to, what they need from you, and when they’re ready for the next step in their journey. Offer them the support and excellent 24/7 customer service that will make them feel valued and respected — they’ll appreciate it!


FTUE is incredibly important for any product and/or service. If someone has never used it before, you need to make sure that they have a good first impression so that they are likely to use it again in the future. This means making the interface easy to understand, providing clear instructions, and ensuring that all of the features are easy to access. If you can make your users happy from the very beginning, you’re well on your way to building a successful (and revenue-generating) userbase.