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Customer Experience Coordinator

Last updated: 08.06.2022
Author: Marko

The role of a customer experience coordinator has become increasingly important in recent years as companies have come to realize that it’s not enough to just have good products — you also need to provide a good experience for your customers if you want them to keep coming back. If you’re interested in learning more about this role and how it can benefit your business, keep reading!

Customer Experience Coordinator Meaning 

This is a professional who ensures that customers have a positive experience with your company. They work to create and manage customer service policies, procedures, and practices. They also oversee the training of customer service staff so they can provide the best possible assistance. Customer experience coordinators support the implementation of CX strategies and programs and assist with customer research and surveys, databases, and analysis of customer feedback.

Top Client Experience Coordinator Skills

There are many skills that you will need to possess in order to be successful in this field. Here are the top five skills that we believe every customer experience coordinator should have.

1. Excellent communication skills 

A CX coordinator must be able to communicate effectively with customers and coworkers alike — that involves emailing, chatting, as well as in-person communication. Most importantly, the CX coordinator needs to understand what the customers want to say. This will encourage them to return in the future and recommend your business to others, as confirmed by customer retention statistics.

2. Strong problem-solving abilities 

Problem-solving skills allow customer experience coordinators to anticipate and prevent problems before they happen. This saves time and money and makes customers happier in the long run.

3. Analytical skills 

A lot of the responsibilities of a CX coordinator are related to collecting and analyzing customer feedback. Good analytical skills are essential for transforming said feedback into an actionable strategy.

4. Technical skills  

While CX coordinators don’t necessarily need to be super tech-savvy, they do need to be well versed in the technology side of the customer journey — websites, apps, omnichannel engagement, and live chat software.

5. Knowledge of the company’s products and services 

Customer experience coordinators should know everything there is to know about what their company offers so that they can provide accurate information to customers.

List of Customer Experience Coordinator Responsibilities

As a CX coordinator, it is essential to be aware of the various duties that come with the role in order to maintain a satisfied customer base. The following are some of the most important responsibilities of a CX coordinator:

  1. Maintaining a positive attitude and providing support to customers;
  2. Resolving customer complaints in a timely manner;
  3. Gathering and analyzing customer feedback;
  4. Coordinating with other departments to ensure a cohesive customer experience;
  5. Identifying areas for improvement and making changes accordingly;
  6. Training new employees on proper customer service procedures;
  7. Developing and implementing policies and procedures related to customer service; 
  8. Monitoring employee performance and providing feedback where necessary.

Customer Experience vs. Client Coordinator

Both coordinators are responsible for managing customer/client interactions, but there are some key distinctions. The customer experience coordinator is focused on creating a positive customer experience, while the client coordinator manages the administrative and logistical aspects of working with clients.

Customer Experience vs. Customer Service Coordinator

A customer service coordinator is responsible for handling customer complaints and addressing their needs. In other words, they are the frontline of support, as evidenced by customer service statistics. A CX coordinator, on the other hand, is responsible for creating and managing the overall customer experience. They work to make sure customers have a positive experience with your company from beginning to end.

CX Coordinator Educational Requirements

The education requirements for this position vary depending on the company, but most customer experience coordinators have at least a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field.

Customer Experience Coordinator Salary

Coordinating the customer experience is a challenging but rewarding role. According to Glassdoor’s most recent statistics, the estimated total pay per year for CX coordinators in America is $46,790, with an average salary of $35,051 annually.


By coordinating between different departments and ensuring that all interactions with customers are smooth and consistent, the customer experience coordinator can help create a lasting impression that will keep customers coming back. That’s why it should not come as a surprise that CX coordinator is one of the most in-demand jobs nowadays.