The Best Advertising Agencies in Dallas

Written by: Branka

Updated: October, 21, 2023

One of the largest financial hubs in the nation, Dallas is famous for its diverse and dynamic economy, endless opportunities, and skilled workforce. The city has one of the strongest markets bolstered by pro-business regulations. To remain relevant in Big D, however, it is imperative to find good representation through quality advertising agencies in Dallas. To help you in your quest, we curated a little list of the best advertising firms the city should be proud of. 

9th Wonder
Find and Connect With the People That Stereotyped and Lumped-Together Marketing Never Sees

9thWonder is an internationally-recognized marketing agency with a presence in multiple cities across the US and a few other corners of the world. It brings together diverse capabilities to derive measurable results from data, execute briefs, and enrich each project with creative juices that shape consumers’ buying decisions.



  • Started : 2018
  • Number Of Employees : 50 – 249
  • Location : DenverUnited States
The Richards Group
We Exist for One Reason: To Endear Brands to People

The nation’s largest independent advertising agency, The Richards Group, has only its clients to answer to. The company offers a comprehensive service mix, including digital and traditional channels, and boasts an impressive portfolio filled with industry-leading B2B and B2C businesses.


  • Started : 1976
  • Number Of Employees : 250 – 999
  • Location : DallasUnited States
The Marketing Arm
We Believe that Good People are the Key to Creating Great Work.

This Dallas advertising agency has been a trustworthy companion to more than 100 large corporations for longer than two decades. Valuing creativity and the power of storytelling above all, The Marketing Arm believes the best way to communicate with customers is to create a culture around a brand.



  • Started : 1993
  • Number Of Employees : 250 – 999
  • Location : DallasUnited States
Spire Agency
Elevating B2B Brands

Working exclusively with B2B brands, Spire Agency truly understands the buyer’s temperament in the business world and how to translate it to designs. With a service mix spanning from branding to execution, this award-winning outfit is a brilliant choice for long-term campaigns and is an advertising agency Dallas can be proud of.


  • Started : 2005
  • Number Of Employees : 10 – 49
  • Location : DallasUnited States
Big D Creative
Award-winning web design and development services in Dallas since 2001

If you need responsive, user-friendly design, the Big D Creative’s team has got you covered. Established in 2001, this company can pour years of experience into the digital solutions you need to uplevel your business. The team crafts SEO-friendly websites that attract, impress, and convert visitors into customers.


  • Started : 2001
  • Number Of Employees : 2 – 9
  • Location : DallasUnited States
Miller Ad Agency
Traditional and Digital Advertising Done Right

Miller Ad Agency provides digital and traditional advertising services to businesses in Dallas and all over the US. Boasting 100% customer satisfaction rate and a team of highly-skilled employees, this firm provides some of the most exceptional website design Texas has to offer.


  • Started : 1984
  • Number Of Employees : 10 – 49
  • Location : Farmers BranchUnited States
Boxcar Creative
We Treat Our Client Relationships Like Partnerships.

One of the pioneers of interactive media development, Boxcar Creative offers holistic online services aimed to elevate brands’ digital presence. Through web design, social media, app development, banners, and animation, the agency is one of the first names that come to mind about online advertising in Dallas.


  • Started : 2000
  • Number Of Employees :10 – 49
  • Location : Dallas, United States
3Headed Monster
The Tomorrow Brand Agency

3Headed Monster is a full-service agency doing wonders with innovative, growth-driven brands. Bringing together services in story, design, and technology, the Dallas ad agency delivers the creative edge that is required to stay afloat in today’s oversaturated market.


  • Started : 2014
  • Number Of Employees : 10 – 49
  • Location : Dallas, United States
Agency Entourage
We Think Like Partners, We Care About Results.

Agency Entourage is set to become partners with their clients rather than pursuing a traditional business/client relationship, making it a perfect choice for brands wishing to devise an internal team but have insufficient funds. The agency offers a long-term partnership through billing on a monthly basis rather than project-based.


  • Started : 2008
  • Number Of Employees : 10 – 49
  • Location : Dallas, United States
Conill Advertising
Different has the power to expand the limits of what’s possible.

The nation’s first Latino-led marketing agency, Conill Advertising, is armed with a diverse perspective and the ability to speak to a wide range of people. In the last decade, the team has been recognized in Advertising Age’s annual Agency A-List report seven times.


  • Started : 1968
  • Number Of Employees : 50 – 49
  • Location : Dallas, United States

Dallas: City for Dreamers, Adventurers, and Creators

One of the largest business centers in North America, the Dallas metropolitan region has witnessed incredible growth in the last decade in terms of corporate relocations, employment, and immigration. The growing competition topped the demand for design, marketing, and advertising firms in Dallas, even prompting some to move their headquarters to the city.

The concentration and growing number of enterprises has boosted the job opportunities and economy at large — the GDP of the broader Dallas-Fort Worth area has grown almost 50% over the past decade while the employment is up 14%. Alongside the region’s already skilled workforce, the area has also attracted more immigration than any other location stateside in the last decade or so.

A Glimpse Into the Growing Demand for Advertising Agencies in Dallas

Years of progress have cultivated one of the country’s most favorable business environments, offering enough resources for businesses of any size to grow. Located in one of the best states to do business in, today the Dallas economy houses over 65,000 companies, with 17 of them listed in Fortune 500 and has the nation’s third most diverse industry. Scoring a growth rate of 151% in 2020, one of the most challenging years ever, the business climate has proven to be extremely resilient once again. This is also a testament to the great success of some of the top advertising agencies in Dallas that facilitate advanced networking across the city.

Supported by some of the best educational bases and the wave of talent pouring down to the city over the years, Dallas has cultivated a highly skilled labor force and an unparalleled growth in employment. The city’s labor market has been ranked in the top 10 across the nation with 68.2% labor participation and an unemployment rate of only 3.1%. The metro area also added more jobs than any of the nation’s 12 metro areas. These, overall, point to the promising future the Texas city has and the growing importance for Dallas advertising agencies to stay afloat and attract the best talents in the crowded market.

Besides the industry giants, Dallas also witnessed an “astronomical growth” in its startup scene over the last decade. Between 2010 and 2019, the city acquired $6.5 billion in investments, and the numbers are only going up. Already impressive climate is bolstered by an official scheme, with a task force formed to solidify Dallas as one of the top cities for entrepreneurs during the post-recession reconstruction.

With a jam-packed market and ambitious incentives in place to secure further economic growth, the need for quality advertising companies in Dallas is beyond question. Alongside advertorial services, brands should also accelerate other marketing efforts in order to hop on the train. To help in your quest, we also added some of the best branding, PR, and social media marketing companies in the city to the mix.

Best Branding Companies in Dallas

Brand Provoke

Despite being well-seasoned, the team of experts in Brand Provoke takes pride in their perspective fresh. Knowing the marketplace inside out, this advertising agency in Dallas is a great choice to represent your brand. With a service catalog including strategy, design, and implementation, Brand Provoke has all the gear to have your brand succeed.

Phase 3

One of the leading ad agencies in Dallas, Phase 3 offers integrated print and digital services. With solutions encompassing everything from ideation to execution, the award-winning agency is set to transform the brand of its clients from scratch.

Big Gorilla Design 

Award-winning Big Gorilla Design complements its industry-leading branding solutions with a comprehensive set of design and development services. Bringing together a skilled team of designers, front-end and full-stack developers, writers, SEO specialists, photographers, and more, this Texas-based firm is one of the best boutique advertising agencies in Dallas for small to midsize businesses.

Best PR Companies in Dallas

Idea Grove

Specializing in B2B technology and e-commerce businesses, Idea Grove has excelled in its niche with a firm grasp of the industry and its buyers. The agency offers unified PR services with a specific focus on trust-building, promising well-informed representation for brands of varying sizes.


With clients ranging from nonprofits and startups to large corporations, TrizCom is one of the most accessible advertising agencies Dallas has ever seen. Approaching PR from a holistic point of view, TrizCom is equipped with a team of extraordinary creatives thriving on innovation and bold ideas that can help any brand stand out among the crowd.


ChampionManagement is an award-winning full-service PR, marketing, and branding agency, offering integrated solutions including PR, social media, influencer partnerships, and SEO services across traditional and digital channels. Its forward-thinking and perceptive team ensures a spot-on market activation.

Best Social Media Companies in Dallas

Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive Agency offers outstanding digital marketing services that have led to a 500% increase in organic traffic and a 300% increase in online leads for the company’s customers. With a proper understanding of the social platforms and a straightforward approach, Thrive has become one of the top Dallas ad agencies specializing in digital media.

Razor Rank

From social media management to web design, development, and hosting, Razor Rank’s service catalog is filled with integrated solutions all aimed at bolstering their client’s digital presence. Valuing transparency and professionalism above all, this Dallas-based agency is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to their clients, becoming a brilliant choice for brands that look for long-term partnerships.

Big Hit Creative

One of the boldest, most innovative advertising agencies in Dallas, Big Hit Creative helps drive brand awareness, cultivating positive customer experience, and strategic planning for marketing efforts ensuring you’ll get your money’s worth. Committed to your success, the agency brings together a comprehensive approach to multimedia production distributed across different channels to maximize impact.